Sunday, April 2, 2017

Transition Time

I think it's gotten progressively harder to leave my areas.  In Taree, I felt greatly appreciated, but in Gosford, I felt loved.  I knew most of the members in Gosford pretty well, so that was a hard one.  The transition week is always a tough one, trying to adapt to the new area and get a bunch of names down.  BUT.  This place is solid.  It's nice to see some Poly's again.  The Ward is probably just over half Poly and they are way cool.  There's also like part-member families on fleek.  And this is probably the most solid teaching pool I've had.  Big ups to the missionaries who worked hard before us. 

Elder Maea's organized touch footy on Monday's and we're gonna try solidify basketball Friday's, which we started up last week.  It's huge for the members and especially less-actives.  I've been told we get some non-members too.  Mean.  He's on his last transfer, so we got five weeks left.  He's served around these ways a lot of his mission and has connections for days.  But man he's solid.  It's been fun to train find with him because he's super confident.  I also did what he calls split finding for the first time in my mission.  Basically we each go and talk to somebody different.  It was pretty crazy at first, but a huge confidence builder for me.  

So with the blessed investigators, we have a family (yup, a F A M I L Y) named the Brybag's.  They've been taught for a little over a year and a half by eight different missionaries.  The wife, Sue, is ready to be baptized, knows it's true and everything.  The husband, Gus, knows it's good, but hasn't quite got that confirmation yet.  He committed to baptism, but not to a date yet.  Apparently he had never before committed, so that's massive.  They have a 10 year old son and a 7 year old son who turns 8 in June.  So we'll see what happens there! 

We also have a Tongan lady named Kaoline who is keen for baptism but just needs to come to church a couple more times.  We taught her the Word of Wisdom with a Tongan member fellowship and she was already living it!  She's been prepared like crazy.  

So we have MLC (Mission Leadership Council) and will most likely visit the Districts and give a training this week.  Stoooked! 

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh

Bishop Dumas and his wife along with one of their sons (they have another son and a daughter)

Last supper with the Pettet family (converts of about 10 years and they are sooo solid)

We had two mini missionaries from our Ward get set apart the night I arrived, so we made them mission calls.  One of them is serving in Gosford with Elder Heu and his comp! 

There was a pretty big storm this week (it hailed!) and trees fell down everywhere.  Apparently Western Sydney got it worst.  The poor fence.  

Went to a $10 cook-your-own-steak place where you could stack your plate with chips and other random sides (not gonna lie it was pretty good) and then Thai for lunch the next day

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