Tuesday, June 28, 2016


In our Zone Conference this week, President Checketts invited us to "walk the second mile" with the Savior.  We then learned a lot about faith and how important it is to faithfully serve as disciples and fishers of men.  He mentioned that faith is necessary in order to willingly walk that second mile.  

We all know that faith is an action word.  In order to strengthen our faith, we need to exercise it, and if we want to exercise our faith, we need to be out there serving and doing.  Faith starts with a mental decision.  It requires righteousness which is active obedience.  Doing things to become better.  

As missionaries, we constantly need to exercise our faith and goals are the best way to stretch.  We set so many different goals every day and every week and then make plans as to how we will accomplish those goals. It is often said that we need to plan for and expect miracles.  Miracles happen on the Lord's time, but if we don't plan where we're going to be and who we're going to visit, then we haven't planned for miracles.  

I didn't get to study from the D&C this week, so I'll close with 1 Nephi 17:13 

"And I will also be your light in the wilderness; and I will prepare the way before you, if it so be that ye shall keep my commandments; wherefore, inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye shall be led towards the promised land; and ye shall know that it is by me that ye are led."

The Lord wants to help us, support us, and be there for us.  As we show our faith and put forth that effort, he promises that he will be the light that we need to press forward.  

Ofa Atu,
Elder Muh 

Weekly Pronunciation 
- H is "h-eight-ch"
- Z is "zed" so the bank "Australia New Zealand (ANZ) is said "AN-Zed" 
Cracks me up every time 

We were feeling Tex-mex so we tried making Cafe Rio lime rice.  It was aight.

Zone Conference Pic

Monday, June 20, 2016

Branch Conference

Another good week!  After dinner on Wednesday, we read the first 2 chapters of First Nephi and were able to answer some of Kate's questions, especially a few verses that she didn't quite understand.  It's so cool to see the desire she has to know if it's true and how each week, she gets a bit closer to admitting the good feeling she gets if the Holy Ghost and the supreme power is Heavenly Father.  

This week, we had the Zone Leaders, Elder Kehler and Elder Yang come up to Taree again for trade-off.  It's cool to double work the area because it really gets things going.  Elder Kehler and I got to visit Doug and review the Plan of Salvation with him, while Elder Kumar and Elder Yang met a few people that we'll follow up with this week.  

On Saturday, we had our Branch barbecue, that featured a snake show by Brother Turner.  His job is to go to various schools and perform shows, so it was way cool!  Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures or videos to prove we were there, but the biggest snake he had was a diamond python.  No way was I getting near that thing hahaha! 

Sunday was Branch Conference, so we had the Stake Presidency and their families here.  It was funny because there were more members from Newcastle and Maitland than there were from Taree, but they all gave inspiring talks and we had some good discussions in Priesthood.  
Excited for the week and Zone Conference as well! 

Love you heaps,
Elder Muh 

- D&C 46:26 
"And all these gifts come from God, for the benefit of the children of God."
Heavenly Father stands ready to bestow us with spiritual gifts, gifts that can be used especially to help strengthen His children.  

Sweet view under the Bridge 

 Me and my boy Lil' Roo

 Sometimes we like to create sculptures in the kitchen #It'sCleanNow 

Winter, are you there?

This week has been a good one. We started off on trade-off with the Port Elders and that was pretty sweet. Out here in the bush, we only see other missionaries 2-3 times a transfer, so it was great to spend a couple days serving together. 
They're teaching a man named Jono, the partner of a less-active member.  Jono has strong Christian beliefs and loves having the missionaries over.  He also loves basketball, so I got to play for the first time in ages!  

Every Wednesday, we hold our District Meeting via conference call, but this week, we got to hold it in person at the Swain's (senior couple in Port) house!  It was such a privilege.  

We had a pretty sweet Sunday, with a record high FIFTY NINE at Sacrament Meeting.  A high counselor brought his family, and some families have relatives over for vacation.  The chapel was packed! 

Our investigator Kate came and so during the second hour, we got to teach her the Plan of Salvation.  Wow.  She had so many questions answered during that time, it was incredible.  Kate is so curious and has such a desire to learn, and she's close.  So. Very. Close.  It'll be exciting to follow up with her progress this week.  

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh 

- D&C 42:17
"For, behold, the Comforter knoweth all things, and beareth record of the Father and of the Son."
The Holy Ghost cannot lie, it will only testify of truth and encourage to do good.  

The Port Macquarie District!

Legendary onion carvings

Bent St. looking a little bent 

At the top lookout

Ellenborough Falls 

At the Falls with Bruce

Sunday, June 5, 2016

We Got a Holden Cruze!

It's been a good one.  Transfers were pretty hectic, but we had a nice three hour drive from Gosford coming back to Taree on Tuesday.  My new companion, Elder Kumar, is an Indian from Fiji and he's a pretty funny guy.  He grew up in the country area, so he feels at home here and seems to be liking it.  Not to mention, we got a car (Holden Cruze) again, so things are looking up!  

The first half of the week went well, we got to visit some members and less-actives and get Elder Kumar acclimated to Taree.  We met with Doug, who has been loving the daily scriptures we've been sending him.  It's been a great experience teaching Doug.  You can tell he feels the Spirit and when things start to click and make sense for him, you always see it.  

We also go to visit with Bruce and teach him about the Great Apostasy and how it led to the Restoration.  He was very interested to learn about prophets and how there is a living prophet upon the earth today.  We hope to share President Monson's General Conference talk on choices with him this week.  

So the week was going pretty good when this storm the people have been raving about finally came in.  It basically poured all weekend, so there was absolutely nobody out.  The streets looked like the deserted towns you always see in the movies.  We had 18 people come to Sacrament Meeting yesterday.  Small in numbers, but strong in spirit.  Pretty much everyone got up and bore their testimony, which was pretty sweet.  

Life is good.  Things are going well.  And those the Lord has prepared will be found.  

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh 

-D&C 35:13
"Wherefore, I call upon the weak things of the world, those who are unlearned and despised, to thresh the nations by the power of my Spirit;"
Just as the Apostle Paul states in the New Testament, the Lord doesn't always call the powerful or those who speak the flattering words of the world, he calls the weak to preach His Gospel.  We don't have to be the best speakers or the smartest, nor the most cunning people to teach His children.  And that is what humbles me. 

Elder Kumar and I after church (had to take it inside due to intense rain) 

We helped Sister Vickers get a stove top on Saturday and she was heaps excited to tell us that the kangaroos were out when she left.  We pulled up and they were still out! First time seeing kangaroos in the wild!