Monday, July 24, 2017

The Final Six

Well, Elder Dransfield and Elder Mayes last week went aight.  Was a bit slower than the last 2 (probably because everyone's back in school), but we still had a lot of fun. Tracted out the bottom third of the area, so that's cool.  It's an interesting feeling "killing" my past three companions.  Almost as if I myself have "died" a couple times already.  But, I have still have 6 weeks to go, and we will hit it.  The new comp will be Elder Metcalf from Utah.  Don't know too much about him but he's a pretty dope dude.  As for the highlights.

  • Went on trade-offs with Elder Afa, whose first area was Harbord.  Always fun to serve with fobs, especially when they're your flatmates.  
  • Mean trainings when Elder Haleck visited, always great to see the other missionaries as well
  • Saw Sione Ta'ofi (recent RM) from Harbord Ward, that was awesome
  • Went to Big Daddy's Burgers again this weekend and some of the Afualo family from Claremont were there.  They low key shouted us.  #blessings
  • Tracted into a guy yesterday who said: "sorry boys, not interested.  I'm an aethiest, and I stab people".  Don't get that one every day hahaha.  
Headed into that final transfer.  Lets geetit!  

Love you heaps.
Elder Muh

The burger place we were gonna hit on P-Day was closed, so we stopped by the America shop instead

We ballin' out here 

Sister Fuller made our District matching ties and skirts for Conference

Round 2 bby

This is how you stay fresh in Emu Plains.  Sunnies and bouncy balls #thisiswhywetract

#OperationBlackout in full effect.  Two transfers worth, baby

Mini-Missionaries and Miracles in the Making

Great week.  We pulled up next to a real life Chevy Silverado with a diesel engine, that was cool.  And a lot of other things much cooler than actual American trucks.  Like... 

  • We've been on this fajita buzz recently and two member fams (big ups to the Davison's and Hamann's) had burrito's for dinner.  That is how you make American missionaries happy.
  • Got to chop some wood for our Ward Mission Leader's family, the Ferreira's.
  • Tracted into this high school basketball player I met at Penrith Station like two transfers ago.  He seems keen, we'll see what we can do.  
  • Witnessed the second front door that opened outward my entire mission.  Both doors have been in Emu Plains.  Maybe it's because we knock so many.  
  • GQ'ing at Mac Uni in a trio was very interesting, but serving with Elder Lamb (old Celestial Coast Zone Leader) is always fun 
  • Penrith Stake Mini-Mission this weekend, we had Ben Macvean with us on Friday (who I knew from Claremont) and then a mini Zone Conference on Saturday.  It was awesome.  We knocked a few doors with the four of us, and then got permission from President to each take turns serving with Ben.  
  • Ben & Elder Mayes found a potential that we followed up with on Saturday.  Taught the Restoration and placed a Book of Mormon.  Honestly it was so crazy, she let us in straightaway and her and the husband are pretty keen.  Young people rock.  
Racked up a few more potentials this week and will continue to tract for Elder Dransfield and Elder Mayes' final week.  We got Elder Haleck (Area President) visiting the mish and that should be way good. 

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh

3 for $20, that's us g!  As Elder Dransfield calls this place, #YungDisciple

The pile post chop

Back in the Blues

Comp photo 

Flat squad at the Three Sisters

Us with Elder Macvean! 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

It's the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

... Said by a 96 year old lady, who was very, very healthy.  The advice she gave us was: don't drink, don't smoke, and don't run too fast.  Haha cheers Nan! 

Aight so you're gonna have no idea how the title fits into this.  We're in a trio now!  President had to move some missionaries around, so we got Elder Mayes with us for the last 3 weeks of this transfer.  He and Elder Dransfield both go home together so uhhh low key the trunkiest companionship in the mission right now man.  Haha.  It's been a legendary week though.  Elder Mayes really helped us to keep it real out there and we have a fair few potentials we get to follow up with this week.  

  • I know some of y'all been asking about the 4th.  Hope everyone had a good one.  We did as well with burgers, french fries and Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce.  
  • Often times people have to slam their doors otherwise the doors don't close properly (something about the humidity or something).  We always laugh about it, sometimes I think it's more on purpose than others, anyway.  This one lady opened her door back up and said sorry cuz she didn't mean to slam it.  Probably would've been funnier in person, but we really appreciated it.  
  • A couple transfers ago, I started doing the traditional duh duh, duh duh duh knock in hopes that someone on the inside would complete the other "duh duh" and this week, it happened.  So that was awesome.  
  • Followed up with one of the more solid potentials this morning and he's keen to come to church with us next Sunday.  Pray for Tim!  

These things aaarrre dank.

Brother Yamada sighting

Everyone enjoyed some POG and Fruity Pebbles this morning #faafetai

If I was in the middle, it'd be an Idaho sandiwch (Meridian and Nampa fam)

Us trying to be Maori... I think we're still being too palagi

The fave

Uncle Brian's got a franchise named after him down undah!
A new burger joint opened up in Penrith.  It's called Big Daddy's Burger Bar.  Triple Mac Daddy with curlies.  Yoozah.  

One Hard Yakka (Work)

Yup.  The struggle is real out here.  On the bright side, we've been going out at 9 am, so we come home at 8 pm and that seems to be working well for us.  We average about 7-8 hours of tracting each day, it's pretty crazy .  But.  Some moments are really fun.  

  • Because of the driver switch, I got to serve with Elder Flake again this trade-off.  So much growth in the ages since we served in good 'ol Harbord.  
  • The members are really looking after us, we had 3 Sunday roasts, a mean lasagna with our Elders Quorum prez, along with pancakes and pizza with Sister Townsend, who we like to call Grandma.  She's the best.  We'll have to get a picture with her soon.  
  • Had this guy tell us he had to head out in 5 minutes, but he let us in for some water and 45 minutes later, we left.  His sister is a member, so we didn't get to teach much, but it's not everyday that you get LET IN here.  
  • Got a HQ referral for a brothah named Moses, who seems keen as.  It's a bit complicated, but I think we'll have an appointment with him soon.  
  • The awkward moment when a drunk bloke is nicer than most of the people you've met all week.  Gotta love Friday nights! 
  • So on a Sunday like fortnights ago, we met this very nice Catholic man named Steven.  He told us to come back July 1st.  We had our first visit with him this morning and read 3 chapters of the Book of Mormon with him.  Looots of questions asked, but it seemed to go alright.  And he wants us back tomorrow, which is greeeat.  
Things could be looking up.  Trying to remain as positive as we can, and we'll see how this next week goes.  

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh

Shoutout to Grandma for helping me get this floral tie 

Mulgoa Road in Penrith, Elder Dransfield calls it America street 
Has McDonalds, Outback, KFC, and Krispy Kreme

The moment you've all been waiting for... WALLABY WAY SYDNEY!  I think this is as close as you'll get to it in the mission.

This is how we feel sometimes

I thought there were gun laws in 'Straya? 

Nooo way

Sick as flag pole base on some ruch dude's house 

There was literally frost on our car this morning.  Two degrees!