Wednesday, April 26, 2017


It was a pretty mean weekend, but I'll highlight the week first.  I got to work with Elder Flake this week and it was heaps cool to see how much we've grown since way back when.  Brotherhood feel strong.  
I learned a lot about testimony this weekend.  We had Elder Snow (the Church Historian and member of the Seventy) as well as Brother Nielson (assistant Church Historian and Managing Director of Church History) along with their wives spend two hours with us during our Special Training.  From everything they shared with us, it was evident of how strong of a testimony they have.  They love the Gospel and working with Church artifacts only strengthens it.  

Fun facts:
1. There are eight Quorum's of the Seventy. Two Quorum's are General Authorities and the other six are Area Authorities.  
2. 28% of the original Book of Mormon manuscript still exists today 
3. For many questions, there are Gospel Topic Essays on to help answer them

Something Elder Snow shared with us is that prayer and scripture study will make the difference.  Those two are probably the biggest habits that we build as missionaries and I'm trying to solidify them so that they remain strong.  A common theme between the Nielsons and the Snows was the Book of Mormon and remembering, specifically how merciful the Lord has been.  We must remember what brought us to where we are now and what caused our testimony to grow.  Sister Snow knows that the Book of Mormon is scripture because as her perspective changes, different verses specifically apply to her life.  

Then we got to hear from Elder Cardon in Stake Conference.  We were very privileged to hear from him 3 times.  He invited us to repent, and if we knew not of, pray to have the Lord tell us what.  William McClellin's experience was shared, along with a story of President Eyring, explaining that even a man that humble turned to the Lord in knowing how he could be refined.  It was really cool to hear from someone who meets with the Prophet and Apostles regularly.  He knows how real the Gospel is and shared a few examples from his own family in teaching us about principle, doctrine, and application.  

President Checketts taught that a testimony should be mainly based on feeling and then gave 10 things that we can do to be "decatha-Saints".  In short, daily scripture study, fasting with meaning, retire and arise early, be essentially a happy person, work hard, focus on how I serve not where, love everyone and serve them, unify myself and others, and share my testimony.  I love our Mission President.

Last week of the transfer.  Big news coming.  

Love you's heaps!
Elder Muh

She had no idea what "caramel walls" were, but fun to have Starbucks down under
(Caffeine-free of course:)

Uncle Kevin's cousin (Brother Su'a)

Back at it! 

Having some fun at the lookout 

Going for the Teddy Roosevelt in Night at The Museum look 

The leaves be changing colooor out in Katoomba! 

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  1. Cameron, great to see you're doing well! I regularly remember our hangouts and how much of a kind person you were. I thought I'd look you up and found your blog! I'm guessing it's probably almost time for you to head home to your family, if I don't see you around before you leave I hope you have a safe trip home! Luke