Monday, April 10, 2017

Over a Year in the Making

Wow okay so this week went by really fast.  I feel like this one could be really long (as usual) so I'll try to stay focused.  I'm gonna backtrack and fill you in on a few things before I start talking about the first experience. 

About a year ago, my companion and I got a call from the Assistants.  We were struggling to find new investigators and weren't having much success.  They wanted to go on a trade-off us with us and we were terrified.  Fast forward a year, and I was so stoked to go on exchanges with the Assistants.  Haha time flies.  The last time I was on a trade-off in the Greenwich Ward area was about a year ago right before Easter, so it was way cool to be back.  Lastly, before I trained Elder Flake, Elder Ball (Mandarin speaking, but we came to Australia together) and I were supposed to be temporary comps before our new ones arrived, but I ended up staying with Elder Lamipeti for those couple days.  It took a while, but we finally got it! 

So the Assistants are one of three companionships serving on Macqaurie University.  Their area is basically a loop from the bus stops/train station to the uni campus.  And they find there all day.  We street contacted for about 6.5 hours that day and it was wayyy cool.  The students would stop to talk to us, which I feel has never happened to me before.  I learned so much that day, and gained heaps of confidence.  One thing we worked really hard on was asking and listening, so that our response/teaching would be genuine.  It felt much easier to teach them because we were similar ages and could relate much more.  I think the funniest thing would be when Elder Ball was teaching in Chinese and Australians would walk by double taking.  The gift of tongues is real. 

And then General Conference.  I still don't know which talk was my favorite, because a whole bunch of them gave me ideas as to how I can improve as a missionary and as a leader.  We had an investigator at the Sunday Afternoon Session and during Elder Costa's talk, he was locked in.  Afterwards, he asked me who can baptize.  The brothah totally feels the Spirit, it's mean. 

There were some things that I noticed, and I'll start will Elder Bednar to do so.  He always prays the Spirit will be with him.  I find that super humbling because he's an Apostle of the Lord, but prays for it every single time.  He also repeats things for emphasis.  "All things are brought together in one in Christ" is something he told us in our Worldwide Missionary Broadcast.  Some others things talked about more than once were Conference being held in Salt Lake City, no football on Sunday, "which light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day", The Living Christ, hymns being used as a base for a talk, "the more excellent way", people attending the session in which they are being talked about, "the rising generation", something Bruce R. McConkie said, How Firm a Foundation verses 1, 2, 3, & 7 (Elder Bednar's favorite arrangement and the way MoTab always sings it) and Elder Aidukaitis (closing prayer of the closing session) who is known in our family for saying "one must not roam through the garbage". 

Great stuff.  Loved Conference and excited for the May Ensign to come.  Two trade-offs this week, let's geet it!

Love you's!
Elder Muh

Trade-off with Elder Ball

The lolly line-up for the weekend

The Penrith Zone! (Elder Tahere is behind me in the orange tie and Elder Lutovio is far back left.  They've been my first two trade-off comps, but we failed to take pics.  Elder Lutovio is from the same Stake as Elder Young Yen, whose sister arrived in our mission this transfer.)

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