Sunday, April 2, 2017


This week was preeetty packed.  Monday afternoon we had touch footy which had a solid turn-out.  Good opportunity.  Tuesday was MLC, which was cool to see the other leaders and also how the entire mission in doing at the moment.  The focus is really helping our new investigators progress towards coming to church through the help of members.  Elder Maea and I decided to train on extending clear commitments and having effective follow-up, which we did in our District (Minchinbury) on Wednesday and then Penrith District on Thursday.  

It was pretty awesome bc on our first day, we felt that's what our focus needed to be this transfer and MLC just helped to confirm that.  I honestly feel like that can make the difference.  We can teach with sooo much power, but if we don't follow up on what we taught/committed, the progression will still be slow.  PMG talks about not following up being like buying a ticket and not going inside, making the commitment hollow, which we really liked.  Follow ups are key! 

The Brybag's are... going.  Sue is so ready, but isn't gonna enter without Gus.  And he totally knows it's true.  He prayed during our lesson this week and the sincerity was so real.  He described to us that he's on a cloud and is just waiting for the right spot to jump off.  He'll get there.  

Kaoline is doing awesome as well.  She basically understands everything, but is just trying to work out coming to church.  We picked up some Tongan pamphlets for her as well.  Hopefully she can attend a session of Conference this weekend!  

We have a trade-off scheduled for each of the Elders in the Zone, as well as one with the Assistants this week, so the transfer is pretty busy.  Since my second transfer on the mish, I've only had 1-2 trade-offs per transfer, but I'm pretty excited to work with each companionship and learn from them all.  

I worked with Elder Tahere (NZ) this weekend and we did a lot of finding.  There wasn't much success, and towards the end of the trade-off, I was really praying that we'd have an opportunity to capitalize on.  Of course the Lord delivered.  Met this dude at the train station who had just returned from holiday in Hawaii the night before.  Yozah!  I asked what he had planned for the weekend and he said strengthening his connection with God and Jesus Christ.  The man!  Haha blessings. 

A member of Minchinbury lived in Hawaii for a bit (he had his parents visiting who are living in Orem rn) and he made some huli huli chicken this weekend.  Taste of home!  There were 6 ordinances along with the sacrament yesterday, 3 confirmations and 3 baby blessings.  Fam on fam!  One family that was visiting was actually from Ewa Beach and yo he totally reminded me of Uncle Earl! Haven't heard the pidgin in so long!  

Great weekend.  Great things to come! 

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh

 I bet you didn't know these places existed here! #pdayshennanigans

Elder Tito finishes this transfer, got to see him at MLC

Unfortunately they didn't answer the door #moo

Fun street to tract! 

Post MLC GoPro shot

SO.  The Sisters had 3 baptisms this weekend #lit.  Little man Samisoni was supposed to have his 
Uncle baptize him, but he got called into work, so last minute they asked one of the missionaries to do it and... first time for me! 

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