Monday, April 17, 2017

'Bout a Year Ago Part 2

Yup this week flew.  We had two trade-offs, interviews, and then Easter weekend.  We're trying to stay on top of the organization in our area while still serving the Zone and working with the Elders in it.  

I forgot to take a picture on one of the trade-offs, but I got to serve with Elder Galarion.  We came in together and had a trade-off our second transfer of the mish way back when.  It was cool to see that progression.  He's pretty confident in talking so it was cool to work off of each other.  We were waiting for a train at one point, and he said hi to the cops so we had a quick conversation with a police officer who turned out to be Samoan.  Pretty funny.  

My second trade-off was with Elder Enkhtuya who is from Mongolia.  I served in the Newcastle North Zone the same time as him.  It's always fun to talk to him and see what Mongolia is like.  A lot of people headed out this weekend, so there weren't tons at home or about, but we had some good talks with peeps headed to the Easter Show in the city.  

Easter was good.  I was asked to speak on a talk entitled The Atonement Covers All Pain and so I got to spend the week reflecting on the Atonement and how I would present my talk.  It was good to focus on the true meaning of the holiday (like Christmas) and not all the chocolate on special at Coles.  

Another busy week upcoming.  We have a 5 Zone Special Training with Elder Snow, the Church Historian, as well as Stake Conference this weekend and Elder Cardon from the Area Presidency will be visiting, so it should be good.  

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh

P-Day at Krispy's take 2

Ball is life 

Found me a left-hand drive pure American truck 

Exchange with Elder Enkhtuya 

Blue Mountains P-Day yesterday (more to come today) 

Teaching the 10 year olds in Primary 

Claremont, Mincho, and Leura Elders at the top 

Lookout of Wentworth Falls 

Some new missionaries came in this week so President had to move a few around.  You'll never guess who our new flat mate is.  Elder Flake! 

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