Sunday, March 19, 2017

Goodbye Gossy, Wassup West Side

G'day, g'day.  So I'm headed to a place called Claremont Meadows.  It's in the Penrith Stake in Western Sydney.  Out West, they say.  So this will be my first area completely away from the beach.  I think I'm ready.  The new comp is Elder Maea, who is from New Zealand (two Kiwi's in a row yo!) but he's Cook Islander and probably Maori too.  I've heard he's a pretty big baller, so that'll be exciting.  Oh yeah.  I'll also be serving as a Zone Leader this transfer... 

As for the week, nothing major, but cool little experiences and opportunities.  Zone Conference was awesome. The Missionary Department is adapting so much to this day and age and technology use.  We don't have iPads, but some missions do and there are some way cool ways to use them.  We, however, can help the members use their devices to do missionary work, which is what the push will be here.  We've also learned some great ways to work with the Primary, Youth, and YSA aged groups, who fall into Elder Andersen's target age group.  Areas that have lots of friends and many opportunities.  

Our experience of the week came train finding.  Pretty much all week, we got the older trains, which makes it slightly harder to find when just going one station down because the carriages are different.  However, we hopped into one of them and it had the most ideal missionary situation for those types of carriages, just us and the guy.  After saying hi to the guy, he asked if we were from the Gosford Ward, a question which pretty much always signifies that person is a member.  And he was.  He's been inactive for a very long time, but grew up in one of the other Wards in our Stake.  He told us that every time he tries to find God again, he runs into missionaries.  Coincidence?  Naw.  Anyway, he wants to teach his two daughters about God and was interested in getting some material for them to watch.  We did as much as we could in that 3-5 minute train ride, but it was an awesome experience to have.  

And then it was time for my last Sunday in Gosford.  Man it's gonna be hard to leave this place.  I still haven't figured out why I love this place so much, but I think it has to do with all the young families and how close we have gotten with them.  One of the Jeffree's sons brought a neighbor friend to church and there were two inactive members there as well.  Pretty good Sunday to finish on!  Definitely gonna have to come back and visit this Ward one day.  

Well, this should be an interesting week.  Looking forward to it though! 

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh

Elder Blake and I hit that #18 a couple weeks ago (weeks ago)

Us with the Assistants (Elder Ball and Elder Lamb) 

When your package was searched by customs... They must've wanted Grandma's gummy bears

Took me 6 months to realize there's a sick mural on the far side of Woy Woy Station 


The Hutchinson's, my American family.  Their girls remind me of the DeMille's so much 

The Newling's.  She is the funniest ever and he's a legendary WML

The Jeffree family!

One of the main roads in our area

Stance sock Sundays

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