Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Time for Change

Well, it's been a pretty cool final week.  The big news is that the Zone Leader area is moving to Emu Plains (same Stake, area is about 20-30 minutes over, but we live in Penrith which is 10-15 minutes away).  We actually were given this news back in Week 3, so there were no surprises on the transfer call aside from who my new companion is, which is Elder Dransfield, from Idaho.  

It's been interesting because normally during Week 6, you start to transition and set things up for the following transfer.  Although we have been setting up, we had no idea who we were setting up for.  When you area gets "shotgunned", meaning both missionaries leave the area, you write up a Shotgun Report.  Usually, missionaries have a couple days to do so, so the report doesn't give much.  We've had much more notice, and have tried to put down everything we know about the people we're working with, so the transition will be smooth.  

We have good news to report with the Brybag Family, who have set a baptismal date for the 17th of June!  Their youngest son turns 8 the week before, and Sue has been saying all along she'd love to go with the whole family, so it's perfect.  We found out this week that she's going through the Book of Mormon for the second time now #wut.  Now it's all up to Gus!  He totally knows it's true.  Hopefully having his wife and two sons baptized as well with bring him confidence too.  

I got to work in Emu Plains this week with Elder Lutovio who is so fresh it's funny.  He often reminds me of Elder Young Yen.  The Emu Plains Ward is one of the smaller wards in the Stake, but it covers quite some ground.  The border runs near the base of the Blue Mountains, so it should be a bit colder than it is down in St. Mary's, which I am stoked for.  I've only been in Claremont for 6 weeks, but it'll be hard to leave behind everyone that we were working with.  Now that I've gained some finding confidence though, I'll need to apply it with Elder Dransfield so we can build up that teaching pool.  

Transfers tomorrow.  We got some good missionaries coming in, which I'm excited about.  Also, I'll be living with Elder Usua again (HAHA!). 

I apologize to everyone that I haven't replied to the past two weeks, we've had some busy P-Days.  I'll try my best to get to everyone next Monday.  

Love you's heaps!
Elder Muh

Rest of the pics from the Blue Mountains trek last week: planted some American flags out there. 

Final DTM this transfer

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