Monday, July 24, 2017

The Final Six

Well, Elder Dransfield and Elder Mayes last week went aight.  Was a bit slower than the last 2 (probably because everyone's back in school), but we still had a lot of fun. Tracted out the bottom third of the area, so that's cool.  It's an interesting feeling "killing" my past three companions.  Almost as if I myself have "died" a couple times already.  But, I have still have 6 weeks to go, and we will hit it.  The new comp will be Elder Metcalf from Utah.  Don't know too much about him but he's a pretty dope dude.  As for the highlights.

  • Went on trade-offs with Elder Afa, whose first area was Harbord.  Always fun to serve with fobs, especially when they're your flatmates.  
  • Mean trainings when Elder Haleck visited, always great to see the other missionaries as well
  • Saw Sione Ta'ofi (recent RM) from Harbord Ward, that was awesome
  • Went to Big Daddy's Burgers again this weekend and some of the Afualo family from Claremont were there.  They low key shouted us.  #blessings
  • Tracted into a guy yesterday who said: "sorry boys, not interested.  I'm an aethiest, and I stab people".  Don't get that one every day hahaha.  
Headed into that final transfer.  Lets geetit!  

Love you heaps.
Elder Muh

The burger place we were gonna hit on P-Day was closed, so we stopped by the America shop instead

We ballin' out here 

Sister Fuller made our District matching ties and skirts for Conference

Round 2 bby

This is how you stay fresh in Emu Plains.  Sunnies and bouncy balls #thisiswhywetract

#OperationBlackout in full effect.  Two transfers worth, baby

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