Monday, July 24, 2017

Mini-Missionaries and Miracles in the Making

Great week.  We pulled up next to a real life Chevy Silverado with a diesel engine, that was cool.  And a lot of other things much cooler than actual American trucks.  Like... 

  • We've been on this fajita buzz recently and two member fams (big ups to the Davison's and Hamann's) had burrito's for dinner.  That is how you make American missionaries happy.
  • Got to chop some wood for our Ward Mission Leader's family, the Ferreira's.
  • Tracted into this high school basketball player I met at Penrith Station like two transfers ago.  He seems keen, we'll see what we can do.  
  • Witnessed the second front door that opened outward my entire mission.  Both doors have been in Emu Plains.  Maybe it's because we knock so many.  
  • GQ'ing at Mac Uni in a trio was very interesting, but serving with Elder Lamb (old Celestial Coast Zone Leader) is always fun 
  • Penrith Stake Mini-Mission this weekend, we had Ben Macvean with us on Friday (who I knew from Claremont) and then a mini Zone Conference on Saturday.  It was awesome.  We knocked a few doors with the four of us, and then got permission from President to each take turns serving with Ben.  
  • Ben & Elder Mayes found a potential that we followed up with on Saturday.  Taught the Restoration and placed a Book of Mormon.  Honestly it was so crazy, she let us in straightaway and her and the husband are pretty keen.  Young people rock.  
Racked up a few more potentials this week and will continue to tract for Elder Dransfield and Elder Mayes' final week.  We got Elder Haleck (Area President) visiting the mish and that should be way good. 

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh

3 for $20, that's us g!  As Elder Dransfield calls this place, #YungDisciple

The pile post chop

Back in the Blues

Comp photo 

Flat squad at the Three Sisters

Us with Elder Macvean! 

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