Wednesday, July 12, 2017

It's the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

... Said by a 96 year old lady, who was very, very healthy.  The advice she gave us was: don't drink, don't smoke, and don't run too fast.  Haha cheers Nan! 

Aight so you're gonna have no idea how the title fits into this.  We're in a trio now!  President had to move some missionaries around, so we got Elder Mayes with us for the last 3 weeks of this transfer.  He and Elder Dransfield both go home together so uhhh low key the trunkiest companionship in the mission right now man.  Haha.  It's been a legendary week though.  Elder Mayes really helped us to keep it real out there and we have a fair few potentials we get to follow up with this week.  

  • I know some of y'all been asking about the 4th.  Hope everyone had a good one.  We did as well with burgers, french fries and Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce.  
  • Often times people have to slam their doors otherwise the doors don't close properly (something about the humidity or something).  We always laugh about it, sometimes I think it's more on purpose than others, anyway.  This one lady opened her door back up and said sorry cuz she didn't mean to slam it.  Probably would've been funnier in person, but we really appreciated it.  
  • A couple transfers ago, I started doing the traditional duh duh, duh duh duh knock in hopes that someone on the inside would complete the other "duh duh" and this week, it happened.  So that was awesome.  
  • Followed up with one of the more solid potentials this morning and he's keen to come to church with us next Sunday.  Pray for Tim!  

These things aaarrre dank.

Brother Yamada sighting

Everyone enjoyed some POG and Fruity Pebbles this morning #faafetai

If I was in the middle, it'd be an Idaho sandiwch (Meridian and Nampa fam)

Us trying to be Maori... I think we're still being too palagi

The fave

Uncle Brian's got a franchise named after him down undah!
A new burger joint opened up in Penrith.  It's called Big Daddy's Burger Bar.  Triple Mac Daddy with curlies.  Yoozah.  

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