Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hectic As

Last "Week 1" in the history of week one's of my mission.  This week one was literally like no other.  Drove to and from the St. Mary's flat a few times, jumped a couple cars, and, have been back in a trio this weekend.  Hectic is the best way to put it.  

  • Bid farewell to the Idaho breathahz.  If you haven't given 'em yet, good luck on y'alls homecoming talks! 
  • Elder Metcalf and I roll up to the station on transfer Tuesday rockin' the same tie.  But we didn't take a picture.  Nor did we take one all week lol.  
  • Got transfers finished, welcomed Leura Sisters in, replacing 4 Elders up there.  Also welcomed Elder Niesner who's training Elder Schone in Claremont.  Get to hit up that great place on trade-offs again!  
  • Did service for an older couple in our Ward, the Wilson's.  They had a pile of mulch and we're working on distributing it throughout their garden bed and what not.  You won't believe me because we took no pictures (hashtag lame we are) but the mound was probably about 7 feet tall.  
  • Had dinner with our Elders Quorum President and his wife again.  They're both Returned Missonaries and totally relate with us.  Great energy boost and motivation when we visit them.  
  • So that trio.  We got a Kiwi Elder in hospital (hopefully he gets out today because he is bored as) and so his Tongan companion was with us these past few days.  It's hard to describe in words why this weekend was so funny, because really, he's just so fob.  Gotta love it.  
  • Because we were in that trio, we stayed the night Saturday at the St. Mary's flat (for Minchinbury Ward the next morning) and got to hang with the new Elder.  He just graduated (so he's the same age as Jaren) and I just love the kid.  
  • Stake Priesthood Meeting last night was suuuper good.  Great talks and a good reminder at how privileged we are to hold the Lord's Priesthood.  Blessings on blessings.  

Stoked for Mission Leader Conference and Zone Conference this week.  Should be great, especially since we're currently trying to plan a dank as training for Conference. 

Love y'all!
Elder Muh

Deuces potato brethren! 

Elder Metcalf's got this game called Spike Ball, it's huge on the mainland and we played it at the MTC.  We got the flat going in the living room and it'll make for a mean P-Day activity.  Featuring my new $5 fern socks.  

Yep here's us in non-proselyting clothes. haha  (Elder Metcalf)

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