Wednesday, July 12, 2017

One Hard Yakka (Work)

Yup.  The struggle is real out here.  On the bright side, we've been going out at 9 am, so we come home at 8 pm and that seems to be working well for us.  We average about 7-8 hours of tracting each day, it's pretty crazy .  But.  Some moments are really fun.  

  • Because of the driver switch, I got to serve with Elder Flake again this trade-off.  So much growth in the ages since we served in good 'ol Harbord.  
  • The members are really looking after us, we had 3 Sunday roasts, a mean lasagna with our Elders Quorum prez, along with pancakes and pizza with Sister Townsend, who we like to call Grandma.  She's the best.  We'll have to get a picture with her soon.  
  • Had this guy tell us he had to head out in 5 minutes, but he let us in for some water and 45 minutes later, we left.  His sister is a member, so we didn't get to teach much, but it's not everyday that you get LET IN here.  
  • Got a HQ referral for a brothah named Moses, who seems keen as.  It's a bit complicated, but I think we'll have an appointment with him soon.  
  • The awkward moment when a drunk bloke is nicer than most of the people you've met all week.  Gotta love Friday nights! 
  • So on a Sunday like fortnights ago, we met this very nice Catholic man named Steven.  He told us to come back July 1st.  We had our first visit with him this morning and read 3 chapters of the Book of Mormon with him.  Looots of questions asked, but it seemed to go alright.  And he wants us back tomorrow, which is greeeat.  
Things could be looking up.  Trying to remain as positive as we can, and we'll see how this next week goes.  

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh

Shoutout to Grandma for helping me get this floral tie 

Mulgoa Road in Penrith, Elder Dransfield calls it America street 
Has McDonalds, Outback, KFC, and Krispy Kreme

The moment you've all been waiting for... WALLABY WAY SYDNEY!  I think this is as close as you'll get to it in the mission.

This is how we feel sometimes

I thought there were gun laws in 'Straya? 

Nooo way

Sick as flag pole base on some ruch dude's house 

There was literally frost on our car this morning.  Two degrees!

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