Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Up & Down the Mountain We Go

So the area isn't as big as I thought it was gonna be.  A lot of it is just the green on the map that needs to be covered by somebody.  But we have suburbs all over the mountain which I really like.  There's actually a lot of families that live in the suburbs up there which makes it pretty fun.  Also, since it's cool to talk about the weather, last night we got 12 degrees up in Blaxland, which is about 60 Fahrenheit.  When we hit 10 or below, I am gonna get so excited.  

Anyways.  We've been doing a lot of finding this week.  To be honest, this area's been kinda dry for a while, so it's gonna be tough for the next few weeks.  We went through the Area Book, hit the trains, and even tracted, which I feel like I haven't done for a long time.  Elder Dransfield's spent a lot of time up in the bush, so he actually prefers tracting.  Now we're just tryna get creative in our approach.  

Emu Plains Ward is one of the smaller one's in the Stake, but I think it'll be good for getting to know everyone quickly.  Some of the members are real keen to feed us too, so that'll help heaps.  We blessed the sacrament yesterday, which I don't think I've done since Taree.  And I think I witnessed the best Elder's Quorum lesson ever yesterday, simply because of how personal and thought out it was.  For those familiar with the jokes about High Priests Quorums, EQ's are pretty much exactly the same, just with younger dudes.  "Alright brethren, take out your manuals and turn to..."  The EQ President based his lesson on President Monson's Conference talk a few years back that's associated with the "Dare to Stand Alone" Mormon Message.  He posed the question "what do we stand for"?  And the participation was unreal.  

MLC and trainings this week, plus more finding.  Let's geeet it.  

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh

Sending off Elder Maea

Elder Lutovio on transfer Tuesday

This person didn't choose the right... 

Some Australia. houses have names.  I believe this one is "thank you's" 

Took me 19 months to find Chex in Oz

Terrible shot, but the leaves changing color up here yeee

And if you look out in the distance, you will see... The city! 

The comp: Elder Dransfield from Idaho

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