Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Revelation Room

Cheeeheee.  This week's been pretty packed.  Three trade-offs, Special Training, and Temple P-Day this morning.  We'll try to capture some moments.  

  • Taught Rebecca and her son Kevin (recent converts) at Bishop’s house.  Focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of repeating it’s principles throughout our lives.  Kevin (9 years old) just started cooking bacon and eggs, so we likened it unto that.  Real fun.  
  • Combined Special Training was good.  Talked about things we can do to help ourselves obedience wise, and also things we can do to help our investigators progress.  The Special Trainings go off of three zone regions: Harbour North/South, Penrith/Baulkham Hills/Hebersham, and Central Coast/Newcastle North and I realized that I’ve been all three, so that’s cool.  
  • Went on trade-offs with this Assistants in Macquarie Uni, this time with Elder Bush.  He’s from LA, loves the Lakers and the Dodgers, and is very familiar with Monrovia.  We had a lot of fun working together, and had a cool revelation during our exchange evaluation, which included a door approach pattern, and also including “we help people to change” when speaking to people.
  • Got to work with Elder Flake again in Minchinbury (Elder Dransfield became the designated driver this week - no particular reason, so it worked out).  They have some cool people they’re working with rn.  
  • A few weeks ago with Elder Usua, we met this lady up in Springwood and got to follow up with her this weekend.  Unfortunately, she said she hasn’t convinced her husband yet…  But.  I feel like she’ll receive the Gospel one day.  
  • Worked with Elder Alonzo, one of the Leura Elders yesterday.  He’s from the Phillipines and trained at Pacquiao’s gym for a bit.  Mean conversion story and fun to see how he works.  
  • AND the temple.  I now know why it’s good to get their early.  Our bus arrived 30 minutes after it was scheduled to, so it was a bit rushed.  But it’s been a year and a few months since I’ve been to the temple and it felt great.  Had a few things stick out to me this time, and it just felt really peaceful all morning.

Mean.  Got work ahead of us!  

Love you's heaps.
Elder Muh

Elder Gualco

Elder Neiufi and I rockin' the same Connor tie (sorry, the one with his eyes open was heaps bright)

Elder Clark (Claremont Elder)

Elder Usua trying on Elder Dransfield's hat hahaha 

Steakhouse dinner with Elder Flake

Warrimoo or Warrimuh?

Trade-off with Elder Alonzo

The comp: Elder Dransfield

Look at our dab 

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