Tuesday, May 23, 2017

'Gator Hunt'in

We're on that search for happiness.  And also for people to teach who are looking for that happiness.  If any of you's need it, feel free to hit up the missionaries, cuz they will gladly share it with ya.  Man this week seemed to be much, much, much, more enjoyable than the past two.  We now have a decent amount of people to follow up on, and pray that we can begin teaching them soon.  

1.  Went on a trade off with Elder Usua this week and man it was fun.  I realized that 3 of my previous companions are in the Zone (him, Elder Kumar, and Elder Fake).  Pretty cool stuff.  Reminded as always of Alma 17:2.  Gotta love the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of the gospel.  
2.  Had dinner with the Aperaamo's, Uncle Kevin's cuz.  Mean fried rice and some sausages that low key tasted like Portuguese sausage.  Aloha and mahalo.  
3.  Met this dude tracting who is friends with the Halavaka's son on the mish.  Gave him a BofM.  Great stuff.  
4.  Potential investigators on fleek this week.  Also, met a DNV (do not visit) who wasn't actually a DNV.  
5.  Tracted into a Catholic guy who accepted a BofM, but wanted some time to study it, so our return appointment is July 1st (next transfer but all goods!)

Lots of pics this week, enjoy! 
Also, we got a TEMPLE P-DAY next week, so emails on Tuesday. 

Love you's heaps!
Elder Muh

Tip toe'in' in mah Jaaah'z

Meeean bus stop in Glenbrook 

Dessert at the Aperaamo's.  Used them won ton spoons for a little taste of home 

We found a poinsettia tree.  I guess they exist.  Christmas in May?!

Reppin' tha #808

Little lookout point at the bottom of a street we tracting 

Been wanting to take a picture with this like my whooole mish #mooo

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