Wednesday, February 1, 2017


So like forreal, forreal this transfer just keeps getting better and better.  President Checketts and the ZL's gave us a challenge this week to find 3 new investigators and get one of those to church.  It was definitely motivating and we had some pretty cool opportunities along the way.  

On Wednesday after DTM, we were pretty pumped to find, so we tracked into Woy Woy and met a lady named Daphne, whose parents were LDS, but she never was.  We're not too sure how much she knows about the church, but she gave us her number and said to call her in a couple weeks.  

We met the brothah Daniel a couple of weeks ago, but our return appointment with him fell through since he was sick so we've been trying to catch him at home and finally got him!  He's pretty keen and has a lot of questions.  We taught him the Restoration and a whole bunch more on his doorstep.  He's definitely been prepared by the Lord.  He said he's been praying for guidance and we were the only one's to show up, so he's pretty convinced we're sent from God.  He was planning on coming to church, but ending up not coming.  All goods, he'll get there soon. 

The miracle of all miracles came through a call Saturday evening from Sister Jeffree.  So on Elder Heu's first day, the Jeffree's told us that their neighbors were interested in coming to church to see what it was like.  They haven't made it yet, and it's been a while since we've talked about them.  But on Saturday, she called and said that their family has a lot of questions and are interested in the lessons.  So in other words, A MEMBER GAVE US A REFERRAL TO TEACH A FAMILY.  Mother, father, and two boys.  Incredible.  Amazing.  Exponential blessings.  Hopefully we'll have good news on that next week.  

Life is great.  It's not too hot (now I probably gotta knock on wood).  We got our special training this week where we'll hear about that new schedule.  And we're about to ball up. Indoors. The ZL's met this Samoan lady through their Area Book who coaches a NSW State Champ 14-16 club team and said if we beat them 10 times, she'll come to church.  Interesting, but I think it's a good purpose, so hopefully the Lord approves of it.  More on that next week as well.  Have a good one!

Love you's heaps!
Elder Muh

 Gratitude and prayer DTM

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