Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hopped Off the Train to Ball Up!

The past few weeks have honestly seemed to be flying by.  I can't say that one specific thing has changed how this transfer is going compared to previous ones, but I cannot complain.  We've been having so much fun, the work seems to be a little bit easier, and the tender mercies of the Lord are very evident in His work.  

We enjoyed a lot of small moments this week, nothing massive, but small enjoyable miracles for missionaries. We followed up with a guy named "J" in the Area Book who had been taught the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation, but nothing else so we thought we'd give it a try.  He was born Catholic, but is now trying science and had a lot of questions.  In the end, we invited him to pray and he did.  Man, it was crack up as!  "Heavenly Father, g'day mate!  It's been a while."  When he finished, he said that it felt good.  The power of prayer is real, people.  

I've never actually had a legit door "slammed" on me.  Until this week.  But straight up it was the funniest experience EVER.  So the door had one of those new Samsung Smart Door things on it and we were pretty stoked to ask whoever was inside how it works.  The guy comes to the door, looks at us for a good 7 seconds and then slammed it.  We walked to the next door dying laughing.  Sooo funny.  

Elder Heu and I really been working on stepping up our street contacting game, especially while waiting for the trains.  We met a Lithuanian girl this week, which was pretty cool cuz I've never met anyone from there before.  Normally we try to get to know the person before bringing up our message, but she starting asking questions pretty quick and we got to teach her about the Book of Mormon.  So that was a good experience for us.  

On Friday night, we planned to work in Gosford city, thinking there would be heaps of people.  Psych.  Well, maybe there were heaps of people and there were all in the pubs.  Or it could've been the pouring rain that came down haaard.  We were headed back into the train station car park when we met Greg who asked us for a lighter, but said he already knew what our answer was.  Haha.  Good guy living a rough life.  We told him about repentance, set a return appointment, and were able to give him a book of Mormon this weekend.  

The Zone Leaders referred us to a single mother named Bec who moved into our area last Sunday.  Turns out she's like 30 seconds down the street from us, so that's a second miracle in itself.  We helped her set up their trampoline this weekend and her two kids (almost 10 and 7 years old) were so happy.  She's pretty keen to learn more once they settle in.  Very promising.  

Sacrament meeting yesterday was solid as.  Bishop Dumas invited Sister Jeffree (who used to be our Gospel Principles teacher) to speak without notes.  It was cool to see how the Spirit helped her to convey the message that needed to be shared yesterday.  She loves AFL (Aussie Rules Football i.e. Scott Harding from UH) and used a sports example during her talk, so I was locked in.  The theme of the meeting was ordinances, and the sacrament in particular.  In talking about how the young men prepared for the sacrament, she said that a testimony isn't something that can be poured out of a cereal box which is sooo true.  

I'll finish where I started.  Life's good.  Very good, actually.  I hope yours is too.  

Love y'all heaps!
Elder Muh 

Here's that mini Coke from last week

There's this Tex Mex place near our flat that's been tempting me ever since we went last transfer.  Not quite Cafe Rio, but the best burrito I've had out here.  

Nothing can stop us from eating cereal after planning.  Not even a power outage.  

I'm actually really happy on the inside.  Haha.  I promise.

 Heading to a service project

 We had a Saturday night feast made of lamb, stuffing, carrots, and potatoes.  Dessert was cheesecake with Snickers cream topped with grated white chocolate Tim Tams and sliced Snickers.  Pretty fun. 

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