Monday, February 20, 2017

Jackets in da Summah!

It is technically still summer (I believe), but this week was stormy AS.  It was way cool.  I think the Sisters hate when it rains, but man, the Elders love it.  Pretty much the whole second half of the week, it poured and there was pretty frequent thunder and lighting too.  This one day, we ran from the bus stop to a less-active's house (who wasn't home) and were running to the next bus stop when a guy asked us if he could give us a lift.  Turns out he's a less-active. What are the odds?  Miracle.  We got soaked that day, but I don't think you can totally tell in the pictures.  

It was totally like Elder Holland's Mormon Message (which you can watch here:  

Side note, President Uchtdorf's newest Mormon Message is way good (  

Alright, I'm getting distracted now, but while you're at it, these are the JAMS (

One of the investigators we're working with is Faith, a member's mum.  She's a bit older and has been a Christian all her life.  She comes to church pretty much every week, and stays for all three hours, health permitting.  Her husband passed away a while ago but she loved him heaps.  We are trying so hard for her to understand that she can be together forever.  The Gospel Principles lessons as of late have been really helpful with that.  I think I've taken for granted just how great the Plan of Salvation actually is because I've grown up with a knowledge of it.  

Best parts of the week.  Old guy has a very unique doorbell, so we're pumped.  He gets to the door, says thank you, and then walks back down the hallway.  I have no idea what he was thinking, but it was pretty funny.  Also, people here tend to just say they aren't interested, and then close the door.  It's even more funny when people close their doors after we leave bc it's hot and that's how they we're getting a breeze.  But forrealz, how can you say you aren't interested when you have never heard the message we share?  We asked this one dude why he wasn't interested and after saying he didn't want to talk about, he closed the door.  I guess he didn't want a happier life.  

It feels so good to teach the Restoration.  Like the whole message, in it's entirety.  We get to teach bits and pieces fairly often, and condensed versions, but haven't taught the whole thing in a while.  Until Saturday.  Got a solid appointment set with our brothah Daniel and he actually had a friend show up as we we're about the start teaching.  New investigator.  There's so much power in the Restoration, especially the First Vision.  I wish we could testify of that to more people than we do.  Like legit, if what we just told you is true, the very Church that Jesus Christ established 2,000 years ago is on the earth today.  It don't get much simpler than that man.  

Love the Ward.  Love the weather.  Love the work.  

Love you's heaps.
Elder Muh

Enjoying the Rain!

Birthday Card from the ZL's

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