Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Best Sunday Ever!

So I just realized that we had 8 meal appointments this week.  That's mean.  Love this place.  Gosford is good.  My whole mission, I've heard missionaries say that the best way to do this Work is to work with the members, and I think I'm finally beginning to grasp that.  We've built some great relationships with members who are so keen to do missionary work, but just need a bit of guidance and things are slowly falling into place.  

We also had trade-offs with the Zone Leaders this week, which is always great.  I went with Elder Riquelme, who was born in Chile, but has spent most of his life in Melbourne.  We had a pretty solid day testifying of a loving God to people who needed to know that.  Feel good day.  One thing I learned was something called "5-Alives".  So whenever we're looking for someone on the Ward list or following up with a door, we knock 5 other doors around it, and wow it makes things so much more productive.  Rather than just knocking one door and getting back in the car again, we do so much more.  

And now for the title.  Yesterday, Daniel came to church along with three less-actives, including Mama T and a Tongan brothah whose family I know from Harbord.  President Dunn, Bishop Dumas, and Brother Jeffree all came to welcome Daniel straight after the closing prayer and the members were stoked to see the less-actives there.  So thankful they were ready to welcome everybody.  Man it was so sick.  Daniel loved church and should be back next week too.  Elder Heu and I taught in Elders Quorum from Elder Bednar's Conference talk "If Ye Had Known Me".  It's pretty deep, so I was worried how it would go, especially with Daniel being there.  But we had some good discussion and it seemed to go pretty well.  Yee-uh.  

And that's it for us in good 'ol Gosford.  

Love you's heaps!
Elder Muh

Been here 17 months and have never seen these lollies before.  Pretty funny

That moment when...

The mish shirt

Hence last weeks' title (Jackets in the Summah)

Us with Elder Riquelme and Elder Sloan

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