Sunday, February 12, 2017

¡Hace Mucho Calor!

So nothing super huge happened this week, but let me just say, I love this Ward.  I've really been blessed to stay in my areas for long amounts of time, to get to know the members well and begin to work effectively with them.  We had dinner with our Ward Mission Leader and his wife (the Newlings) on Monday and they are crack up.  They're both converts, but they love the Gospel so much and they've been in this Ward for a long time so they know like everybody.  Whenever Sister Newling sees us in the halls during church, she's like "skipping out on class again"?!  She's the best.  

We did a bit of service this week and the pictures will probably explain it better, but at the Jeffree's, we're helping him build a privacy screen on their deck, and at Mama T's, we started sanding a ceiling to re-paint.  I also held a chicken (chook) for the first time ever.  See below.  

Last transfer, we found Daniel and he was planning on coming to church with us but then didn't make it.  We've been trying to contact him ever since then, but finally knocked when he was home this week.  He's been reading a bit of the Book of Mormon, and was pretty interested at the fact that Jesus visited the Americas.  He couldn't make it to church this week, but hopefully next week he can!

This whole week, people have been raving about how hot the weekend was going to be and the records that would be broken.  It wasn't 44.7 degrees on Saturday, but its was very hot (Over 100 degrees).  At one point, we got out of the car, followed up with a door and then went to Brother Moran.  Within those 3 minutes, my arms looked like I had just come out of the ocean.  Dripping.  But it's been really cool visiting Brother Moran because I attempt to share a scripture with him in Spanish at the end.  He'll get to bless the Sacrament is the next few weeks and it'll be in Spanish which is awesome.  Kinda like the 2 General Conference talks that were in Spanish and Portuguese a few years back.  Way cool.  

We're at an interesting stage in Gospel Principles because everyone in that class is single, but the topics have such great meaning.  The fact that families really can be eternal and that the only way that is possible is through the Priesthood ordinances in a House of The Lord is incredible.  I think sometimes I forget how unique that makes this Church and also how privileged and blessed we are.  One of Sister Coulson's favorite lines is: "if only they knew".  How true.  If people had any idea of the amount of blessings and the joy that a knowledge of the Gospel can bring to their lives, wow.  They are missing out on sooo much.  And we gotta do something about that!  #themission

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh

Forgot to attach these last week

Brother Eley took us out for Thai #boiz

The new District #GosfForward

Yup.  Holding a Chicken!

Stop eating animals

 It's hard to tell, but we looked pasty and covered in the dust 

Checking for eggs 

The deck

It's that time again #dollahforakilo

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