Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Prep Week

So our main goal this week was to prepare Loretta as much as we possibly could.  Mission accomplished.  We taught the Plan of Salvation, Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Commandments.  She even said the closing prayer once!  It's been an interesting experience teaching her because she can't remember much at all.  It's often said that knowledge is the only thing we will take with us to the next life and that has made a whole lot more sense to me in the past week.  Loretta understands what we're teaching her and is fully capable of reading pamphlets, but just can't answer questions about what she's learned a few minutes later.  I am extremely confident that when she is resurrected, she'll remember everything she's been learning.  

As for the rest of the week, it was quite enjoyable.  On Tuesday, we helped Christine set up the basketball hoop and met the Port Elders for lunch on their way back up.  Elder Bell's new companion is Elder Hut'ka from the Czech Republic, so this transfer is gonna be way cool.  Friday was service day with lawn mowing, yard cleaning, table painting and then dinner with the Puru's.  Sister Puru is Aussie and Brother Puru (our Elder's Quorum President) is Maori.  They're so awesome.  And then there was Saturday.  Priesthood basketball and breakfast activity cheee that was sweet as.  I think that was the first time I've played like a real game since the MTC.  Spent most of it trying to distribute to Ephraim and Elias so it was way fun.  

Yesterday we had Stake speakers in Sacrament Meeting which is always nice.  Spicing things up a bit.  Usually that means the Branch doubles in size as well.  We had 63 yesterday!  There was a Filipino lady who spoke first and no joke she totally reminded me of Dean's mom.  She gave a really good talk on humility.  

This morning we went over to the Nessling's along with Brother Watson (our Branch mission leader) to help them chop down some trees.  They live in the bush side of Taree on a decent sized piece of land and there was a few dead tress they wanted to get rid of.  It's been really interesting serving here because I've been able to do things I'd never do in Mililani.  Sister Nessling took a few pictures when we chopped a little tree (I promised we had some much bigger ones go timber too) so hopefully we'll have those next week.  

Righty-oh.  Hopefully we'll have some good news next week! 

Love you's heaps!
Elder Muh

They've lasted me almost a year.

 Taree had this massive sale called Krazy Day, so I picked up some fresh kicks

The magic behind Elder Kumar's curries #MJ

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