Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wish Granted

Man it's been a good week.  Started off with a pretty packed P-Day.  We helped a family move in down in Forster and then had dinner with the Moir family.  Tuesday we headed up to Port for trade-offs and that was so smash.  I worked with Elder Bell who's from Utah.  We were in the same Zone when he was born (started his mission), so it was cool to reunite.  Port Macquarie is such a golden area.  There's a ton of potential to tap into, so it's always exciting.  

Thursday was a pretty big day too.  We helped Sister Ballard fix up a pathway in her backyard and then took off to Gloucester to visit a few less-actives down there.  Came back to Taree and had dinner with Bev and Loretta.  We reviewed the Restoration with her and hope to keep her progressing. 

On Friday, we went down to Nabiac and helped Sister Aitchsion in her yard.  We braced 3 garden planter boxes and then cut down a tree with a chainsaw.  Unfortunately, we have no pictures though.  That night, we had dinner at Fred's and I thought it was gonna be my last supper, so we took a picture.  See below.  

The weekend meal streak continued when we visited Ephraim and Elias.  They're getting a basketball hoop, so we get to help them set it up tomorrow.  Rajah rajah.  Church on Sunday was good, we were able to discuss with President some things to help the Branch and look forward to applying that this transfer.  The lesson on marriage was quite interesting for Elder Kumar and I.  Haha.  Future goals.  After church, we had lunch at the Scott's and dinner at the Turner's.  At both places, we had a Tex Mex style meal.  Oh my heck it was so good.  They know me well.  

As for this week's title...  The past two weeks, in our weekly emails to President Checketts, we've asked him if we could stay here in Taree.  Well, he granted our wish and we got another 6 weeks here!  So grateful.  I really love this area and have created some awesome bonds here.  Looking forward to continuing to work in the area! 

Love you heaps,
Elder Muh 

Word of the Week
- Rellies, Relatives (Aussie's will shorten everything if they can) 

 What happens when a semi drives over the Manning Bridge

The hills are alive... #gloucester 

This is what happens when you find sweet lookouts and have a Book of Mormon 

Elias, Ephraim, & Christine

The Gloucester lookout 

The man who feeds us heaps: Fred

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