Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Miracles in Taree

I think this week's title is pretty self-explanatory.  It's been pretty awesome.  I'd say we experienced three major miracles this week, although there are many more small ones that sometimes we don't even notice.  God's love never ceases and neither do miracles.

Numero Uno. So we have been meaning to work outside of Taree in two somewhat young areas for a while now: Forster and Tuncurry.  We finally made it down there this week and planned to begin by street contacting along one of the major streets.  We pull into the car park, Elder Kumar says a prayer, and then we hop out.  Literally five seconds later, we hear, in a mix of 5 different accents put together, "Elders, Elders! I haven't seen you brothers in ages!"  We turn around to find an old man pulling in a few cars down from us.  And that's how we met Laslo Tarjyani.  Dude got baptized ages ago in the Greenwich Ward, but has since gone less-active and then moved up here.  Needless to say, it was a pretty sweet miracle.  

Numero Dos.  There's an older sister in our Branch named Bev.  She's had a rough couple of years caring for her husband and what not, but is slowly regaining her strength and loves to have us over.  The funny thing about the Taree Branch is you could probably stay at these older members houses all day just listening to them.  The same applies to Bev.  Bev's sister, Loretta has pretty much permanently moved in with her and last week agreed to start having the lessons.  She's had them before, but is kinda losing her memory too, so doesn't remember much.  She knows how happy Bev is in the church and always says that the members are really nice.  Anyway, we taught the Restoration this week and the Spirit was definitely there.  Loretta even accepted the invitation to be baptized!  So we'll keep you updated on that ongoing miracle.  

Numero Tres.  We have  a less-active in the Branch named Adam.  He grew up in Taree, moved around a bit, and then came back.  A couple of weeks ago, we helped him unload a truck full of stuff he had in storage down in South Sydney, but we haven't been able to visit him since than.  Yesterday, we finally made it back and had a great visit with him.  As we were able to leave, his partner invited us to stay for dinner, so we ended up staying and chatting even longer.  Adam pretty much knows the church is true, but just isn't ready to come back yet.  He's heaps open to having the missionaries over and is always grateful when we come.  I felt like last night we really strengthened our relationship with him.  We talked about some of the most random things from surfing to skydiving and why Hawaii shouldn't be a part of "The United States of the World".  It was a good night.  

Every morning during our companionship study, we have a few recitations.  Each mission does it similarly as well.  We have one that begins by saying in the Australia Sydney North Mission, we are disciples of Jesus Christ.  What follows is an acronym for the word disciple.  L stands for "love is the power to change others" and E stands for "example is my greatest message."  Those two have always stood out to me and I've really been trying to work on them.  As members of the church, and especially as missionaries, we should always be a great example, and trying to do that has really allowed me to go out and serve.  With love, Christ always served with love.  When people can truly feel your love and the love of God, they can change.  That is how strong it can be.  The Gospel can work a mighty change in people, and I know it will!

Love you heaps,
Elder Muh 

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