Sunday, July 31, 2016

Spirit World Referrals?

It's been a really productive week.  We've really been working on trying to unite the Branch, especially by locating members from the Branch list.  We got to go back to Wallabi this week and meet an inactive man whose family are non-members.  As we talked with him, I thought how cool it would be if he converted his wife and kids.  During that time, I realized once again how important the Gospel is for families.  Life is hard, that's a given, but without the Gospel, it's even harder.  To me it's like a no-brainer, why would you want to live without it? 

On Thursday, we had trade-off with the Zone Leaders.  Out here in the bush, due to k's (kilometers on the car), both companionships serve in the area, so it's double worked.  And when there's four missionaries in the area, wow, the work flies.  We both did a significant amount of finding and were able to set a couple return appointments and teach a lot of people.  

Trade-offs are always a good evaluation point for me.  I was able to see this week that I've improved a lot in listening to those we teach, but also found I needed to seize every opportunity possible to teach those around us.  The blessings of doing so were far greater.  

We had planned to visit a less-active in a place called Gloucester this week.  It's a solid hour plus drive and we finally had enough k's to do it, so we were pretty excited.  Then we received a referral for a guy that lived ten minutes out from Gloucester, which hyped us up even more.  

Anyways, the visit with the less-active went really well, but the referral was an interesting story.  The guy had passed away last year so we have no idea how that all worked out.  We ended up leaving a Restoration pamphlet and a Book of Mormon with his grandparents, who were a bit confused to say the least.  My theory is that the brother was getting pretty anxious up there and really wants his family to have the Gospel.  One day we might figure it out, but for now, I'm thinking that text referral was a miracle.   

So something pretty cool that happened this week was I got a call from Elder Flake (my son- the companion I trained ) and then Elder Blake (my MTC roommate)!  Sounds funny, eh? Both of them are in the Newcastle North Zone this transfer and so after their trade-offs, we got to catch up.  It was pretty sweet! 

Love you heaps,
Elder Muh

(Muh) Haven


Walked past this in Coles and couldn't resist 

 Always been the king of over-highlighting articles.  But s/o to Nikki U. for sending me a quote from this talk. 
 I gave a talk on Ether 12:6 this Sunday, and it was a huge addition to it! 

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