Thursday, July 14, 2016

We Made It

So we survived transfers.  We got another 6 weeks in Taree!  It's been a great week and a good transfer.  Elder Kumar and I have a lot of goals and plans for the next 6 weeks.  

Our Joint Zone Special Training this week was pretty sweet.  President Checketts trained on change and how important it is in our eternal progression.  Repentance can be and is a positive thing and as we make necessary changes in our lives, we will become better. 

We took advantage of being down in Newcastle and stopped at an Asian grocery stop on the way up to grab some furikake.  Made the musubis so much better! 

Sunday was awesome.  We finally got to teach Bruce the Plan of Salvation using the diagram, "God's Plan of Love".  I'll have to draw it out and send it next week.  He was heaps keen and really understood what we were teaching.  It was pretty cool.  

During the lesson, I had a thought that was so obvious, but hit me so hard.  I can't prove to anyone that this church is true and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth through a living prophet.  All I can do is teach and testify, giving the Spirit the opportunity to witness to that person what I'm teaching is true.  

I think a lot of times, we try to convince people about the church.  We try to prove things using the scriptures.  When in actuality, we just need to do what is in our power and let the Spirit do the rest.  Then it's up to that person and their agency. 

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh 

 Manning River (I counted 50 cows on the other side of the river ;)

See those things hanging over the freeway? They're to help koalas cross.  Legendary.

Me and Elder Vaughn (Central Cost Zone Leader) who just finished his mission 

 Ball is life! 

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