Monday, July 25, 2016

Fully Loaded

This week seemed to be a long one, but we got a lot done.  On Tuesday, we were invited to the Relief Society "Christmas in July" activity and asked to prepare a dish from our respective countries. Elder Kumar made an Indian doughnut of sorts called Gulab Jamun and I attempted to make Haupia.  It actually wasn't too bad! The idea of the RS activity was cool because it's getting cold enough that it could be Christmas here.  Whatever 5 degrees is in Fahrenheit is how cold it was this morning and we could see our breath inside the flat.  Fancy that, eh? 

On Wednesday, the Swain's (senior couple from Port Macquarie) came to inspect our flat and we passed like champs.  Hallelujah haha.  We also had dinner at the Turner's who made some wonderful Mexican for us.  Great taste of home.  

We were able to meet with Bruce twice this week and see him progress over time.  He's continued to open up and we've been able to address some of his concerns.  He is so keen (Aussie for interested/down/cool with) and really wants to know about the Gospel and if it's true.  

Saturday we were able to do some tracting in a town on the coast called Wallabi Point which was pretty cool.  The evening featured dinner at Fred's.  He's joking that he needs bigger plates and might need to turn dinner into a three course meal.  Man I love that guy.  

This week has started off pretty well, we went to the Billabong Zoo with the Port Elders for District P-Day and wow that was incredible.  We saw koalas, snow leopards, a giant croc, fed kangaroos, and best of all, taught wallabies from the Book of Mormon.  See below for some sweet as pictures. 

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh 

One of our investigators, Doug.  God answered his prayer and blessed him with a great new job.  Unfortunately he'll be moving out of our area, but we are very excited for him and will be referring him to the missionaries in his new area! 

Petting a koala! 

 I am satisfied.  That is all.  

Snow leopard

Big mate wouldn't get up because no more food (crushed popcorn kernels) 

They call him Shrek 

 Perks of serving in the bush: hit a red light in the middle of nowhere. 

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