Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Oh, The Joys!

I think I'll start this week with the reasoning behind my title.  So we're still going through the ward directory, and the amount of people who are not interested or don't want to be visited really puzzle me. It makes me wonder like what happened?  What events led to this?  

Then I hop on the computer to see that Grandpa C got baptized this weekend and the joy is full.  This is what the Gospel is for.  To bring happiness and joy.  I think it's experiences like those that make it all worth it.  To know that there are still people out there who want to be happy and need this Gospel is very motivating.  

Our "joy" of the week was definitely helping Erin out.  She really wanted to get a garden started to boost her spirits and it was very fun doing so.  All the gardening back home was good training for the mission.  The pictures should help to describe our work a bit better, but we cleared out two patches in the backyard against the wall and prepared the soil.  The bushes were dug up from the front yard and planted in the back and she chose the flowers from Bunnings, Australia's "Home Depot".  We'll be going back this week to finish the front yard and are way excited for that.  

Erin wasn't feeling good towards the end and went in to rest, so she actually didn't see it finished until the next morning when she got up.  At about lunch time the next day, we got a call from her and she was in tears expressing her gratitude.  You know those good feelings you get and good is the only way you can describe them?  We had that feeling.  

District Training Meeting was solid.  I gave a training on how we can be unified in various gospel principles and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  I really love our District, it's got a real family feel.  

Gosford and Ourimbah Wards had the Trunk or Treat activity this weekend and wow I feel so old.  It seems like I was just one of those kids dressing up or just one of the YM in Mutual and now I'm here.  Crazy how time flies.  We were pretty much broke but managed to gather enough to get a few supplies to decorate our boot (trunk) and have some fun.  One of the signs said "beware of zombies" which led to the impromptu game of meet the zombie to get a lolly.  The kids loved it.  

So that's pretty much it.  Lots of love.  Lots of joy.  Good week.  Hope you enjoyed yours.

Love you's heaps,
Elder Muh 

Trade-off with Elder Ta'ala this week

Before shot of the flower bed

After shot

Transplanted hedges

Hungry Jacks (Burger King)  $1 slushes

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