Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tex Mex. Vanuatu. RM

Transfer weeks are always a little bit slower than usual, introducing the new comp to the area and getting them familiar with everything.  On Tuesday, we had 4 missionaries from our District head out on trains (the Gosford Sister area closed this transfer) and waited for 2 new Elders to come in.  Elder Usua is the man.  He didn't know any English before he came out, and 8 months in, he speaks very well.  His whole family converted 4 years ago which is way cool as well.  

We had a pretty cool opportunity arise this week when we visited a less-active who had a friend over.  The guy (Dave) asked about what we did and thought it was incredible that we came the same time he was there.  We taught him the Restoration later in the week and he seemed to agree with everything.  A lot of what we taught him addressed things he'd always thought but no one had confirmed for him before.  I have no idea if that makes any sense at all, but it's one of those very comforting moments where the person you're teaching describes a "coming home" feeling.  Dave's struggling with smoking, but he expressed a desire to be baptized, so we'll work with it.  

It was a pretty big week for the Page family in our Ward.  One of their daughters returned home from her mission in New Zealand on Tuesday and the other daughters' boyfriend was baptized and confirmed this weekend.  She gave her homecoming talk yesterday and shared a lot of really awesome experiences she had on her mission.  It was interesting because I've been at homecomings before, but never as a missionary, so it was a different perspective to learn from.  Gosford Ward actually has 3 RM's this year, so it's real solid getting advice from them.  

Good week.  We got Zone Conference this week so that'll be pretty exciting.  Also, our Bishop is awesome.  We visited him this week and he gave us a list of people to work with in the next couple weeks.  Sweeet.  That is all. 

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh 

 Dinner with the Liddicoats on Monday.  They lived in the States for a few years and love Cafe Rio.  
Guess what we had for dinner. :)

My new companion: Elder Usua from Vanuatu

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