Tuesday, October 25, 2016

All is Well in Zion

This week has been solid as.  Something I have come to learn on the mission is that by focusing too much on the numbers, we don't enjoy the work as much.  We do need to be accountable for our work, but at the end of the day, I feel the Lord appreciates the effort we put into His work rather than the number of lessons we actually taught.  

I'll start with our DTM on Wednesday which was simply legendary.  I think it was the best District Meeting I've had on the mission.  I chose Elder Haynie's closing prayer from the Saturday Afternoon Conference session as the topic and had each companionship train on a principle from his prayer.  There was so much participation and it was very enlightening.  

After that, we had a District service project for something called #SocialMediaSplit.  The Book of Mormon musical is coming to Melbourne, which creates a lot of publicity for the church.  President Checketts has been very inspired in introducing this hashtag to the mission.  So how it works is we have a member or investigator take a picture of us doing anything missionaries do and in their caption, they use that hashtag.  The idea is to get missionaries known in the area for positive things and not just as the Mormons from that musical.  It should be pretty exciting.  

On Thursday, we had our massive miracle.  So we're walking into the food court to meet up with a less-active and this lady walks by saying: "you can talk to me!"  Having someone come up to us is such a rare occasion, she had Elder Tito and I pretty shocked.  But that's how we met Erin.  It's interesting because people talk about being in the right place at the right time and that seemed to be perfect evidence of it.  She came to a baptism and church this weekend so that was way good.  

And that's us.  

Love you's heaps,
Elder Muh

Bowling with the Elders 

Man shoe game strong 

Looking out over Woy Woy and Umina 

I tried

 So in High School Musical, when Sharpay tells Zeke to "evaporate tall person" 
she's actually making a Bible reference to Goliath #wut

The District service project (forgot to mention that we have Fiji represented as well here in the PCC) 

Most of our District along with Tuggerah District for Winston's (white shirt in the middle) baptism

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