Monday, November 14, 2016

Road to Hana

Wow.  Another transfer in the books.  It's crazy how fast this one went by.  Last Monday was our Zone P-Day.  We all met at a park, had Dominos, and played some sports.  A lot of the Elders played flag football.  As in American, Gridiron, footy.  We had enough for 7's and it was way fun.  Probably the hottest day to play it, but it was really exciting.
The rest of the week seemed to fly, just as this transfer has.  I'm really liking Gosford Ward.  We attended Ward Council on Tuesday and appreciated the organization.  Lots of good things planned moving forward.  In some areas, we're getting close to going through all the less-active names.  On trade-offs with Elder Leota this week, we met an older lady who said she's always been a Mormon at heart, but never actually had a testimony of the church.  Puzzling. 
The Central Coast has windy roads for days.  Sometimes it feels like we're on the road to Hana.  We actually saw some young men and a few adults with packs walking along the highway yesterday and it brought back memories.  Good times. 
Gosford Stake Conference was this weekend and it was a very insightful.  It's pretty cool that I've been able to attend two in the past couple of months.  The themes of Conference were very simple, but each speaker brought a different perspective to principles of the Gospel.  I think the biggest thing I took away from it was that conversion is so powerful.  As members, our responsibility is to do everything we can to help other become and stay converted.  It's through the little things, like service and home/visiting teaching that the Gospel will keep people converted.  
Our Sabbath yesterday was pretty exciting.  We had about enough petrol to get us through a normal Sunday, but ended up making a few more visits than normal.  Before heading to our dinner, we contemplated fueling up, but decided not to.  So we got to our member dinner appointment with 1 K left before it was completely flat.  After dinner, they drove us 30 minutes to the last less-active we had planned to visit that night.  He ended up having a jerrycan (no idea what it's called in America, but the red containers that hold gas for lawn mowers) with enough left in it to get us home, so he drove us all the way back to put the petrol in.  Lots of excitement.  As we drove home, Elder Tito and I reflected on what had happened.  It would've been so easy to have filled up on a Sunday.  But it wouldn't have felt right.  Way cool that the Lord provided a way for us to get home and keep the Sabbath day holy.  
So unfortunately, Elder Tito has been transferred to the city and will serve as a Zone Leader.  Not a big fan of one transfer companionships, but the two times I've had them, my companions were called to positions where the Lord must've needed them at that time.  In 6 weeks, I've learned a lot from Elder Tito, especially in building connections and bringing fun to the work.  Tomorrow, I'll meet Elder Toka (but I've heard he prefers Usua) from Vanuatu.  President is keeping me with the Poly's!
Love you heaps,
Elder Muh
I think gardenia's are officially my favorite flower

Apparently there's a lot of ducks on the Coast #quackquack

Are we headed to Brooklyn?!

Dinner with the Pettet's (member family in the miracle) 

Visiting Maria and Brett (less-active in the miracle) 

Sunday rockin' Mama's ties 

 Most of the Zone (the ZL's) are behind getting the water balloons) 

Dinner at Sister Winkle's in Terrigal

She asked if we were brothers 
Last P-Day pepper at Umina 

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