Sunday, October 16, 2016

Polys and a Beach Baptism

Since we have 3 companionships in the Ward, Elder Tito and I have been trying to locate less-actives in the further parts of the area that the other companionships can't reach easily (we are the only ones with a car).  We've also been going through the former investigators and had some fun with that.  Whenever we see a Polynesian name, we jump right on it.  This week, we got to meet a few really fresh Tongans which totally reminded me of Harbord.  Good times.  

The highlight of the week was probably witnessing a child of record baptism at the beach.  I think that's the first one I've seen since Keegan's back when we were 8.  It was at a place called Spoon Bay, which had some pretty awesome views.  That day was also Ward Council, so we went on a quick trade-off and I was with Elder Ta'ala.  See pictures below.  

On Sunday, we were asked to teach the Gospel Principles lesson on sacrifice.  As I got ready, I was thinking about how we'd teach the lesson.  Something that the Aussie's say came to my mind: "I can't be bothered".  That got me thinking.  What if the Savior "couldn't be bothered" to perform the Atonement?  That would really change things, wouldn't it?  Definitely grateful for all that He's done for us.  

After church, we had dinner with the Hutchinson family, who both are originally from Utah.  It was fun talking to them about things in America and what we miss the most.  They totally related!  Sister Hutchinson misses Cafe Rio, so she said next time they have us over, she'll make Tex Mex.  Cheee! 

It's been a pretty exciting week.  Looking forward to the upcoming week and the opportunities in store! 

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh

Does Anthony Davis live here??

Nice lookout over Woy Woy

Elder Tito and I with a view of Woy Woy

You can't really tell in this one, but other missionaries have said with my glasses on, 
Elder Ta'ala and I look alike.  We'll have to take another one like that. 

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