Sunday, October 2, 2016

God Be With You Til We Meet Again

Wow.  It's been a great 6 months up here in Taree.  It's interesting how rumors and stereotypes can create a perspective before you know anything about a place.  6 months ago, I wasn't sure what to expect when I heard I was getting transferred up here.  Yes, the areas are massive.  Yes, the Wards (and Branches) are way spread out.  And yes, the work does not move at the same pace as it does in the streets of Sydney.  HOWEVER.  There are so many things about serving up North that have been a blessing for me.  

First, serving in this Branch has been a very humbling experience for me.  I will never be complaining about the 10 minute drive to the Stake Center when there are people driving an hour to get the nearest chapel out here.  Also, if 80-90 year old peeps can come to church every Sunday, participate in the lesson, and attend the temple, so can we.  Hard to make excuses after seeing that here.  
Second, I've come to find that regardless of where we serve, the work is always going to be the same.  We're here to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored Gospel.  The way we go about fulfilling our purpose may change, but our purpose will always stay the same.  I've definitely enjoyed trying to come up with new ways to go about the work.  

Lastly, I've made some great relationships in this area and that's where this weeks' title comes from.  In areas like these, you're able to bond with members, less-active's and investigators so much more than you would in a fast-paced area.  Something I've learned up here that is so important is to be yourself.  I think what happens is we get so used to a certain routine, we start to lose ourselves.  We can see so much more success, and be a lot happier when we open up.  

This has helped heaps when with Christine and the boys.  When we were over for dinner a couple weeks ago, Elias said he loves when we come over bc we use sports to teach them about church.  At that point, I wasn't too sure what we were going to share, but it hit me.  So that night we talked about the triangle offense and taught about the Godhead.  It's funny how sports analogies make it so much easier for some people to understand things (i.e. me).  

I'm headed down to Gosford (on the Central Coast) tomorrow and my new companion will be Elder Tito, who trained Elder Kumar so that's pretty sick.  Heaps excited! 

So we got a lot of pictures this week, and I'll let them do the talking.

Love you heaps,
Elder Muh

Last supper at Fred's 

Brother Puru

Sister Vickers

The Turner's 

Currently (Packing my stuff)

Tryna' be artsy

Bruce gave me a "Trump Power Tie" last night haha 

Helped Brother Scott shear their two sheep today.  When am I ever gonna have the chance to do that again? 

 Here's your word of the week.  You'd think it would be brelly, but good to know 

This shot would make so much more sense if you could see the video, but I was bouncing it between my legs.  We were on trade-offs with the Zone Leaders, but haven't gotten those pictures yet 

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