Tuesday, April 26, 2016

That Time I Got Transferred

This week has been so good.  Since our first week together until now, Elder Flake and I have seen so much improvement.  It's been awesome.  Things are really starting to come together in the area, and especially the ward.  

We had such an awesome visit this week with Mary.  She's read up to Alma 25 in the Book of Mormon, which is incredible!  We've been really working with her to pray to know if it is true, because if it is, everything falls into place.  That truly is the converting power of the Book of Mormon: if it's true, then Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God, the fullness of the Gospel has been restored and is found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  

After Elder Flake bore testimony of the First Vision, Mary said that she knew that to be true.  Such a spirit filled moment. We then invited her to baptism and told her that we had been praying for a date that she could works towards which was May 14th.  Coincidence or not, that's her birthday!  She wasn't set on a date, but the Spirit during that lesson was so awesome.  

On Saturday we had our transfer call, and I'll be headed to Coffs Harbor! It was a bit surprising to get transferred all the way up there, but the Lord has called me to labor in another portion of His vineyard! I've been so grateful for the opportunities that I've had the past 7 months to serve here in the Harbord Ward.  I've grown with all the members and those that we have taught and love them all so much.  I'll definitely miss them all, but the Lord has exciting things in store! Maybe He'll let me come back and finish my mission here.  :)  

It's been fun, it's been great.  Looking forward to continuously become a better Disciple of Jesus Christ! 

Love you heaps,
Elder Muh

- Revelation 21:7
"He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son."
I was able to finish the New Testament this week.  Studying the Book of Revelation was definitely interesting, I borrowed an old Seminary manual they had in the library to make sure I understood everything.  Toward the end, John sees in his vision the Celestial Kingdom and all that's in store for us following the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  It's incredible to think that if we do what we've been taught, follow the Prophet, and live the Gospel, Heavenly Father promises us eternal life.  And that's something awesome to think about.

Elder Flake, Bishop Pukeroa and I

Brookville Opal

Temple P Day

Taronga Zoo P Day

 Elder Muh's Tutu passed away on Thursday, April 7. The picture above was taken right before entering the MTC.  He knew it would be his last goodbye to Tutu on this earth.   

He sent the meme and picture above and wrote the following to us a few days later...
"Studying and teaching the Plan of Salvation just makes you realize that literally everything is true.  I'm not worried if I will see her again, because I know I will.  Reminds me of that talk from Sunday afternoon, not only will we get to see her again, but when we do, she won't have any physical ailments."  

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