Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 5 and Eating an Australian Delicacy

Elder Arima and I had a really fun trade-off.  It was really cool to talk with an American and be his companion for a few days, especially since chances are I won't have an American comp during my two years.  He really wanted me to try kangaroo, so for dinner Monday night, that's what we ate!  It tastes like really chewy steak and felt a little weird, but I guess we do eat cow every day so no biggie, right?  

For lunch on Tuesday, we went for the local grindz: spam musubi, guava nectar, li-hing mango, and Melona bars!  Oh man it was sooo good!  The funny thing was right after lunch, we were heading out towards Queenscliff to go tracting and we met a Tongan from the Manly Ward.  Not only did he grow up in Hawai'i, but he served his mission there too!  We talked with him for a couple minutes, and I realized how much I miss pidgin.  I've gotten so used to "how you going" and "cheers". 

The thing I like most about trade-offs is you get to see how every missionary has a different style.  Like I mentioned before, the work is the same everywhere, but how you go about it can change.  It was cool to see how Elder Arima approached talking to people in different areas, and I was definitely able to learn from his actions and the tips he gave me.  

Every Wednesday night, we have dinner with the Martin family.  Brother Martin has been a member for a few years now, but Sister Martin is not a member.  However, she attends church every week and enjoys hearing about the gospel.  They are both really good cooks, so we look forward to our last appointment on Wednesdays because we know we'll eat good.  

Up until this week, the only American sports ad I had seen was the MNF ad with the Aussie 49'er, but STEPH CURRY has made it to the Sydney people!  I was so happy to see an NBA ad on the bus. 

One thing that definitely changes when you have bikes is planning.  You travel everywhere sooo much quicker than you do walking!  If you don't have a backup plan, you'll end up doing heaps of tracting!  So we've definitely gotten more efficient at planning.  

We are very lucky to have a mini blender in our flat, so I've had berry oat shakes every day and they give me a ton of energy!  It's almost like an acai bowl! (which they have here, but I've resisted the temptation so far)

We've gotten a lot of people honking at us the past couple weeks (especially when biking up hills) and a few comments every so often from people as they drive by.  It's funny because it really makes you realize how guys like Tyler Haws, Kyle Collinsworth, and Tanner Mangum are so cool under pressure.  

Friday night, I finally got to make curry and oh boy WE FEASTED.  That's the best curry I have ever tasted! 

On Sundays, we always have to decide if we want to go home to drop off our suit coats or just keep them on all afternoon.  This week, we chose to keep them and it was a terrible idea, hahaha summer is near and it is getting very hot.  On the plus side, we talk to a lot more people because they ask us why we aren't wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  

Every Monday night, we meet with one of the less-active members of our ward, Piero.  He is from Peru and was baptized a couple of years ago, but due to work, can't attend sacrament meeting right now.  We usually read a chapter from the Book of Mormon with him and it's always really cool because we read in English and he reads in Spanish! 

Today was our Temple P-Day, so we woke up early to make it over there in time.  It was such a great opportunity to go through a session and ponder a few questions I had! 

Until next week, shootz!

Elder Muh

Phrase of The Week: "Far out!", Aussie way of saying no way!

P.S. I really enjoyed the General Conference talk given by Brother Durrant, who talked about ponderizing scriptures.  I have decided to do so, but unfortunately, I forgot to add that to my emails the past two weeks.  Here's the scripture I'll be ponderizing this week: 

- Mosiah 1:6 
"O my sons, would that ye should remember that these sayings are true, and also that these records are trueAnd behold, also the plates of Nephi, which contain the records and the sayings of our fathers from the time 
they left Jerusalem until now, and they are true; and we can know of their surety because we have them before our eyes." 

- A lot of people these days need proof for everything in order to believe something.  I think I often have gotten caught up in that as well.  One thing that I have taken for granted was the Book of Mormon.  The book is all the proof we need!  How could Joseph Smith, about a 20 year old young man translate the golden plates unless he truly was called of God? Therefore, I encourage everyone to value the Book of Mormon.  It is the keystone of our religion, and because of it, the entire church becomes true! 

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