Sunday, October 18, 2015

Biking Through Town With Heaps of KFC

One thing that's been pretty cool to see here is the city.  I don't think Honolulu or Waikiki counts too much, so the only other real city I've been in is San Francisco.  Sydney is sooo unique.  Aside from the crazy traffic, I really enjoy the whole buildings and harbor feel.  

Every Wednesday, we catch a bus (and sometimes a train) for our District meeting (or Zone meeting on the last Wednesday of every month) which are held at the Greenwich Stake Center about an hour or so away from our area.  I always enjoy the trip there because I get to see parts of the city, but today, I got to really see the city.  

For District P-Day today, we chose to go ice skating at a mall next to Macquarie University, which was pretty fun after lots of practice.  It was also cool because it was the first time the Filipino and Tongan elders had ever seen an ice rink! Anyways, we caught a bus that went over the Harbor Bridge!  We also got a pretty sick view of the Opera House so that's pretty legit.  

Great news! We got bikes this week and they've been such a big help! The first day, we had to bike up two big hills (and then the hill back to our flat) and we hated it.  But after a few days, we now love them.  It makes the work so much more fun! Shout-out to Uncle Earl for having a biking high adventure right before my mission haha! 

My area is referred to as the Northern Beaches, so many of the towns are right along the beach.  It's a little like Hale'iwa.  As summer nears, the beach is becoming a bigger temptation, and although I can't touch the water for two years, I know the Lord placed me in the area near the beach to help ease me into the transition of missionary life and I'm very grateful for that. 

One thing that I realized during our District meeting this week was that I can be grateful for a lot more things.  I'm serving my mission in Australia! Although it was tough in the beginning, I'm not learning a new language.  I can't even imagine how difficult that must be, and am very thankful I am still speaking English!  

Which reminds me, random thought, there are a lot of Italians here who say they can't speak English.

One of the things you do in your first 12 weeks as a missionary is go through something called 12 Week Training, which consists of clips of The District and teachings of the prophets.  Something that stuck out to Elder Lamipeti and I was to look through the former investigators section of our area book and try to visit them all.  

I truly know that by the guidance of the Holy Ghost, we were able to find one of the previous investigators named Melissa, who lived fairly close to us.  We did a little service for her last week and she called it a God-incidence (not a coincidence) that we found her.  We really hope we can begin teaching her again soon! 

We also have an investigator from Brazil named Edimur.  Man, he is sooo prepared! Before we even began teaching him, he basically told us that he had felt the Holy Ghost before and wanted to feel it all the time.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and he had read the introduction before he attended church with us the next day! This week, we taught him the restoration and he understood much of what was taught.  Unfortunately, after his trip to Fiji this month, he'll be moving out of our area... Shucks! So we'll be referring his information to the missionaries up north.  

So right now I'm with Elder Arima (one of the Greenwich elders) for another trade-off.  He lived the first half of his life in Hawai'i and loves all the foods.  He helped me find guava nectar and a whole bunch of Asian foods! 

Stoked for the upcoming week! 

Ofa Atu,
Elder Muh 

Words of the Week: 
-Dodgy, Sketchy in pidgin 
-Pram, Stroller
Thought of the Week: 
-A lot of people here say things like "do you reckon?" or "bloody" and it makes me feel like I'm in Harry Potter, so that's pretty cool. 

P.S. Next week is our Zone Temple P-Day.  The Sydney Temple is closed on Mondays, so our P-Day is gonna be moved to Tuesday, which means I'll be emailing Monday evening/night time for all of you back in America! 

We now have bikes!


Ice Skating for District P-Day

Some of our members live on this road and I think it is a pretty legit street name

Good News Everyone:  I found Spam at the local grocery store!

*Elder Muh says to tell everyone sorry he wasn't able to respond to all emails this week. 

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