Monday, March 13, 2017

The Eternal Perspective of Cheese

Alright.  I know you're already wondering what I mean by that title, so I'll explain it first.  Visiting with J is always interesting.  Fun, different, and enjoyable.  He's a very intelligent dude that has been through a lot.  In short, he installs large internet connection circuits for universities, businesses, etc...  He's technically retired, but would every once in a while get called in to help on a job.  Due to his background in science, God has slowly been pushed from his view, but he is ready to bring it back.  In the past month, he's worked nearly 3 weeks (coincidence?), and feel that it MAY be God's answer to his prayers.

Normally, we try to avoid real deep discussions and those types of lessons because they really go nowhere and in the long run don't help the investigator understand the basics of the Gospel.  I wouldn't say I'm extremely intelligent myself, but I do feel quite confident in analogies.  Somehow, someway, we got to this analogy of cheese, specifically looking too closely at the holes in the cheese.  In order to understand the holes in the cheese, you need to take a few steps back to see the grand perspective or, the entire piece of cheese.  Sometimes we focus so much on the holes, what's not perfect, what doesn't make sense, that we fail to recognize the beauty of the piece of cheese in front of us, namely the Gospel.  

J was all over this analogy.  He feels that sometimes his prayers feel personal and other times not.  Also, that he has been peering into the holes for too long.  Whenever we visit, he says he feels something different that he wants and that we're helping him opening doors that he doesn't want to close again.  Sorry, that was a lot, but he is slowly getting there.  It's incredible to be a part of the Lord's great work.  

The rest of the week in summary...  There truly is an opposition.  It is clear and evident.  Oddly, people seem to think we believe in Satan.  Which is completely false.  We acknowledge that he is against us, trying so hard to stop the work.  We saw two instances of that this week.  A potential investigator texting us that she, on second thought, doesn't want to meet anymore and people knowing the church is good and right, but not ready to act on that answer.  It's disappointing to see, but helps you understand agency so much more.  It's really quite amusing that agency can be the answer to many of the world's questions.  We also got a very positive text from Daniel yesterday morning that he was coming to church.  And he did!  Partook of the sacrament and stayed all 3 hours.  Complete polar opposite or the exercise of one's agency earlier in the week.  

Week 6. Zone Conference tomorrow.  Gotta give my all to Gossy, and we'll see where the Lord wants me next transfer.  Would not complain if He keeps me right here though! 

Love y'all heaps!
Elder Muh

We talkin' bout' motivation

Outdoor courts this morning

Bowling with the Zone Leaders today 

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  1. Funny Nalu just sent us a picture of him and his zone going bowling. We also posted on his blogspot. Keep up the good work Elder Muh!