Sunday, January 8, 2017

Blessings From on High

So this past week was pretty cool.  I served with 3 companions in the past 7 days.  Some cool stuff.  After Elder Usua headed up to Narribri, I got to serve a day and a half with Elder Gibb, who's from Bountiful, Utah.  It was pretty sick to serve with an American and chat about US things.  He's called to speak Mandarin, so we visited the lone Chinese man in our Ward and I got to sit while they spoke Chinese.  Talk about embracing my culture.  Haha.  

On a different note, he plays ball, so we had some nice 2 on 2 for morning exercise one day this week.  And from there, the basketball just didn't stop.  Because... 

My new companion is Elder Heu (pronounced Hugh) from Hamilton, New Zealand.  And he loves basketball as well.  So life is great.  Talk about inspiration from the Lord.  I found out on our first night that he's a Southpaw, so it's gonna be #TeamLefties against the Zone Leaders this transfer.  Alright, back to the spiritual stuff, sorry couldn't contain my excitement.  

We learned at the Trainers/Trainees meeting that a part of the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast later this month (can you believe it's actually 2017 like wow)  is going to be a big change in our schedule.  I'm not quite sure why, but I am wayyy stoked to find out what the changes are gonna be.  But President did say it will make us more accountable with our studies.  Good stuff.  

Elder Heu and I spoke in Sacrament Meeting yesterday on sacrifice and service.  It was a pretty good topic because actually we had resources that talked about those principles in our flat.  I prepared what I thought would be pretty good, but I learned once again that I'm not the best at trying to fill time.  Haha we'll get there.  We also taught in Elder's Quorum about goals and were able to get a decent discussion about the importance of them and some positive experiences we've had setting them.  The Tyler Haws Mormon Message helped to top off the lesson.  

Excited to have a full week in the area to get things going!  Also, the weather forecast says it's supposed to be cloudy with light rain all week and it shouldn't get higher than 26.  Talk about tender mercies.  

Love you's heaps,
Elder Muh 

Ballin' with Elder Lamb, Elder Sloan, and Elder Gibb

Elder Usua playing with the Wilson's snow dog.  His name is Lorenzo

Train station transfers 

Elder Heu! 

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