Sunday, December 18, 2016

Like a Fire is Burning

The temple lights we're pretty cool.  It was Monday, so there were a number a families there for FHE.  I actually got to talk with Sister Manewell from the Harbord Ward!  The Elders in our Zone, 5 companionships strong because the Newcastle missionaries couldn't come, sang all the Christmas hymns we knew and then went into some of the American ones we knew like Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Jingle Bells.  We actually got a request to sing Jingle Bells again haha.  

Now, for Christmas Conference.  MAN.  We've never met as a mission before, so opening up was incredible.  We started with a few recitations and Christmas hymns and it legit felt like we were in the MTC again.  Way powerful.  I was in my third transfer last Christmas Conference, so I didn't know a lot of missionaries, but this year was a lot different.  Heaps cool to reunite with past companions and missionaries I've served around.  Also, Finding Dory was not bad at all.  

President Checketts shared a few things for us to take away before we went into the program.  The first was the 2 G's of The Season: give and gratitude.  It definitely is great to get during this time of year, but the most joy is found in giving and reflecting on the things we are most grateful for (Thanksgiving).  He was also very excited to share one of the revelations he received during a High Priest meeting.  I'm sure you'll all have a laugh about it.  "If you want to have a Merry Christmas, make sure Mother is happy.  If you want to have a Happy New Year, make sure Dad is without debt".  

The rest of the week wasn't as exciting as the first two days of the week, but we still had some fun.  We joined the ZL's for a service project where we emptied out their enclosed patio and power washed it all down.  We then proceeded to visit those the other Elders had been working with and the names from Bishop and Brother Newling.  On Saturday, a single sister and her kids moved to a new house with a pretty steep driveway and some solid stairs.  We got a pretty dang good workout helping there.  Hopefully by the time I finish my mission, I'll be experienced enough to move as well.  Haha.  

Good times.  Less than a week until Christmas.  It also already Week 6 somehow, so we should be having transfer call on Christmas Eve.  Not too sure if P-Day will be on Monday (yup, Boxing Day is pretty big here) or Tuesday yet.  So, Merry Christmas to all if we don't have P-Day until Tuesday!  

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh

Elder Tito and Elder Kumar (all three of us have been comps) 

Elder Leota (thank you for the tie that I'm wearing) 

 Elder Fa'asipa is heading home this week
 (I'll be holding down the fort for us #808 Elders until we get another one!)

 We actually slept at Elder Lamipeti's flat after the temple lights on Monday.  
Great walk down memory lane (my first companion)

President and Sister Checketts got us all with this "iPad announcement".  We are, however, having a Worldwide Missionary Broadcast for the second year in a row next January though, so that'll be way good. 

After a relatively warm first half of the week, we woke up to some rain on Thursday and Friday.  Normally you can see straight into the mountains and across the peninsula, but it got pretty foggy.  I was pretty excited because it totally felt like Christmas in Hawaii.  We just needed some music!

Had to stop and snap these shots during the rain

 We visited a less-active this week who grew up in Seattle but married an Australian who played for the BYUH tennis team.  She misses a lot of American foods and was so kind to bless us with... This. 

And then there were two

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