Thursday, December 15, 2016

#Light the World

This week, we had our ZDTM, which is a District Meeting with the training given by the Zone Leaders.  We're blessed to have them in our District, but for the other 2 Districts in the Zone, that's one of the few times they get to see them during the transfer.  

They gave a really good training on narrowing down where most of our success comes from and then invited us to tap into those success spots even more.  The second part of their training was pretty interactive and worked on helping each other to overcome fears.  We used an American football and each ran a route, and then ran a route with a bag full of hymn books on.  The idea was you could still catch the ball with the backpack on, but it was much harder.  If we can push away our fears, success is more likely to occur.  

The rest of the week was pretty much finding for us.  We've been trying to use the Christmas initiative out tracting because 'tis the season.  I'd say our conversations at the door have been lasting a little bit longer than usual, but we haven't found any new investigators with it yet.  Many Australians are anti religion or just don't care, but we have had some pretty effective conversations with Christians, especially young families with decorations up.  It always fascinates me though when some believers here say they don't talk about their religion.  I guess I've grown up with the knowledge of eternal progression and how sharing our testimony will always strengthen our faith.  Maybe that's just not taught in other churches.  Oh well.  

The week ended on a great day yesterday with Fast Sunday and some good visits.  We had dinner with the Hutchinson's, the only full American family in our Ward.  She made cornbread and I didn't realize how much I loved that stuff.  It's probably been close to 15 months since I've had it!  They're a real cool family.  They have 2 little daughters that totally remind me of the Primary kids back home.  

So this is Elder Leota's last full week on the mission.  We'll go on trade-off this week, and I'll try to learn as much as I can from him.  Our Ward Christmas party is this Saturday as well, so good stuff in store.  We'll keep sharing our light and I hope you will too!  Chur!

Love you's heaps,
Elder Muh 

Went back to the Skillion beach after emails last P-Day

Dinner at the Eley's:  view from their porch  
(if we could send videos, we have some feeding bacon to kookaburra's) 

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