Thursday, December 15, 2016

Farewell Tour

After P-Day last week, we had dinner with our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Newling.  He and his wife live in a really nice house that overlooks Killcare Beach.  On a clear day, you can see the city from their balcony.  Pretty sick.  They've been in the Ward for a while, and he's served as Bishop before, so he knows a lot of the less-actives and has a good vision as to who we should visit and work with most heavily.  Just another great reason to love this Ward.  

We've been trying something a bit new the past couple weeks where if we don't have appointments, all four of us will knock the same street.  We've given each other little challenges like how many cups of water we can get. It's actually been pretty fun. 

I've never "killed" (the mission term for being the last companion a missionary serves with before going home) a companion, so this is the first time I've really been around an Elder finishing.  It was cool to go #LightTheWorld finding with Elder Leota and ask him about things he's learned.  The biggest thing I picked up is just keep it simple and have fun with it.  The best way to enjoy tracting is to not be so serious and by making people laugh.  We got to this one door and it had a plaque that read: "on this site in 1829, nothing happened".  We nearly died laughing and were ready to ask them about it.  Unfortunately nobody was home, so we'll have to go back sometime soon.  

Little update on Dave: he's getting there.  The dude has a big desire to change and turn his life around, but is nervous to take that step.  I think it's pretty cool that he does have a solid belief in God, when many people out here don't.  It's what will keep him moving.  

So tonight we head down to Carlingford to work the temple lights with our Zone.  It should be pretty sick (cool).  The Elders will be singing carols and the Sisters will give the tours on the inside.  Please pray that we sound good.  Haha.  Tomorrow, we kick it over to Mount Druitt for our Christmas Conference and I am stoked as to see past comps.  Elder Ta'ala (my long lost twin) is headed to Harbord to serve with Elder Stockman (one of our ZL's) for his last transfer for at least the next two weeks. We are now down to one companionship in the Gosford Ward and a two man flat.  Hence my Final Four inspired pictures that will be up this week and next.  

Aight aight.  Hope y'all are enjoying the snow or cold weather and Christmas movies.  Someone watch Home Alone for me!  Also, Coles (one of the grocery stores here) has egg nog and I'm thinking about buying a small carton to get a bit festive.  We'll see if Elder Usua likes it.  Hope everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit! 

Love you heaps,
Elder Muh 

 Post-dinner with the Newlings.  In case you were wondering, Elder Usua is holding a mango.  They had a friendly debate about whether mangoes are better here or in Vanuatu.  

Good DTM about the Character of Christ.  Let us turn outward as Elder Bendar taught! 

Conference quotes take 2 

 Quick break in Green Point

And then there were four

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