Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Show Goes On

No new friends... Yet.  We shall press forward.  It has been a fun week though.  We survived transfers (since I'm OCD as, I just pray everyone leaving and coming in travels smoothly and according to plan) and are still knocking a lot of doors.  We actually knocked one of the longest residential streets in our area, that was fun.

  • So we got low key bashed twice this week.  Kinda sorta.  This old guy told us that we aren't Christian because we don't believe in the trinity.  Some people... Our name badges same The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints homie! 
  • The second time we tracted into a guy who was painting a house and he was Catholic as.  Beads and all.  Literally would not accept anything we told him, it was quite funny actually.  
  • We tracted a road that had a sidewalk.  Such a rare occurrence.  
  • Aussie culture is like the opposite the Word of Wisdom and it got me thinking this week.  Woman, why smokest thou? 
  • While planning, Elder Dransfield starting humming the Mii music from the Wii and I jumped in with him.  Great to have an American comp.  
  • Guy answers the door and replies saying three of the Aussiest phrases ever: "g'day mate, she'll be right, thanks buddy"
  • You know you're in Oz when you follow the Spirit right into a spider web
  • We had three dinner appointments last week, and each one was burgers.  Heavenly Father knows us SO well.  
Another good week in pics.  Hollah hollah.  

Love you's heaps!
Elder Muh

When the Leura Elders request snow in their supply order.  Muuust be deep in the mount'ns.

Elder Usua taught us how to cut oranges Vanuatu style.  It makes great headphones.   

 When the work gets tough, wear Elites under your polka dot socks #gameday


Witnessed miracles, we found a pay at the pump station!  But you can't use the MotorPass card there hahaha shucks

Winter Musical Fireside last night.  I learned that singing parts is extremely hard and I think I'll stick to the "we're here to provide a voice" approach with Dad

Dum dum give me gum gum?

Yeah we just out here in Cali

We found it.  #DPfam

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