Sunday, June 18, 2017

Target Acquired

Okay this week was so much better than last.  I think the amount of pictures can sometimes tell how a week went.  There are the odd weeks where you have no pictures because you're absolutely killing it, but usually more pictures means better weeks.  Enjoy below.  So.  We started tracting in Emu Plains rather than Emu Heights and the people were generally much nicer, even the ones that rejected.  Lots of positives this week, so enjoy that as well.  

  • Placed two Books of Mormon (or Book of Mormons, who ever you are from The Best two Years) so that's great.  Always a good feeling to do that.  
  • Met some cool as people this week.  One dude answered with the biggest smile on his face and said "sorry boys, my wife is going into labor".  We had a lady come to the door brushing her teeth, that's a first.  And.  We met a Cameron.  First and last time on the mission I'll introduce myself with my first name hahaha.  
  • Australians have crack up signs on their doorsteps.  I have a picture of one, but another one said "welcome fishermen... and all other liars".  
  • At the train station and this notice pops up on the screen: "delays are currently being experienced due to a person on the tracks".  Yup, that doesn't happen every day.  
  • We collected all the Christmas and Easter pass-a-long cards in the flat and have been leaving them at every house that doesn't answer.  Giving tracting much more purpose and makes it way more fun.  
  • Walked up to a door yesterday and I nearly filled the doorway.  Haha felt like a giant.  It was hilarious, the house must've been built really out of proportion.  
Chur chur.  Elder Dransfield and I are staying, so we got another 6 to FIND some people.  Enjoy them pics yo.  

Love you's heaps!
Elder Muh 

One of many doorway signs

Most important thing in the glove box: spam musubi. 

In the last 6 weeks, nearly all the leaves have fallen off this tree at the chapel.  I love it. 

Comp study at Krispy's.  

Hard to tell on camera, but the drive to the chapel was foggy as this morning.  Happens like once a year (if that) in Hawai'i, so fog combined with the seeing of breath excites me LOL.  

Picking up the Penrith Elders (flat mate homies) last night because trains die at night 

Opposite Connor ties with Elder Tahere (DL / flat mate)

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