Monday, September 12, 2016

We Hit That Year Mark

Wow.  This was the week!  We had trade-offs in Port to begin the week, and as usual, it was awesome.  We headed up on Monday to spend P-Day with them and there were a few YSA from the city that were up there as well, so we chilled at the cool spots in Port Mac.  I love working in Port because they have a lot of people they're working with who are so close.  It's exciting to see their progression each time we go up.  

The District Leaders were asked to train on a CES Devotional given by Elder Tad R. Callister entitled "What Is The Blueprint of Christ's Church?"  It's basically legendary.  I'm totally gonna give it to any investigator who wants Biblical evidence for the church.  I'l make it easy for y'all by doing this:  

On Thursday, we had dinner with Christine and the boys.  She makes this really good Kiwi dish that I still have no idea what it's called, but it's like curried rice, with mince (ground beef), cabbage, and green beans.  Way legit.  The boys found out that the day after was my year mark, so I got to shoot a few hoops with them after school on Friday.

Our miracle this week was meeting a less-active family in our Branch.  When I first got to Taree, they weren't quite ready to be visited but they've come around and so we had dinner with them on Saturday.  They also want to have us over weekly now, which is awesome.  They have 3 little kids that totally remind me of some of our Primary kids back home.  Needless to say, I raced them through the house a few times.  

It was Newcastle Stake Conference for us this weekend, which was webcasted to the Tamworth and Taree chapels.  Definitely an interesting experience and I totally should've taken a picture.  It was kinda like General Conference, but not as clear.  Perks of bush life,  I guess.  I choose to do something a little different than usual and just take notes in my planner.  So I jotted down different things that came to mind during the weekend.  Here's a few of them: "Ye are the salt of the earth, keep it simple, invite, Christ centered, faith living, principle teaching, laboring for eternities, and live for Him".  

There were also some really good talks in the General Session that required some longer notes: "Solid foundations are built upon Christ.  My will or Christ's will?  Conversion is not a one time thing.  Let God shape you into who He wants you to be.  Wisdom is the ability to judge correctly."  

Been a pretty sweet week and a first year of the mish as well.  I've learned so many things and changed in different ways.  Heaps excited for what #Year2 has in store! 

Love you's heaps,
Elder Muh 

Shoutout to the Swain's who bought A&W the last time they were at Costco (it's in South Sydney)

Elder Hut'ka took a few District pictures, but hasn't sent them over yet, so this will have to do for now 

This picture won't do Wallis Lake/Bridge (Tuncurry/Forster) justice, but this is probably my favorite place in the area.  Every time we drive over the bridge, I wanna jump off and swim to one of the sand bars.  The water always seems so clear.  I think Satan might be tempting me. 

If it wasn't my year mark, I was gonna title this email "Spaghetti Week" because we had it 5 times and 3 days in a row.  Also, you're never too old to have cool kid pasta.  

 Australia's version of Martinelli's #CelebratingMormonStyle

Elder Bell's favorite beach in Port because it's very empty and missionary friendly 

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