Tuesday, May 24, 2016


So this week has been pretty incredible.  I'd say the past couple of weeks have been pretty rough.  Things hadn't quite turned out how we wanted, and the work was moving very slow.  The Lord has definitely been teaching me patience.  

However, Heavenly Father also answers prayers.  Sometimes it takes a while for things to develop, especially when on the Lord's time.  He answered our prayer this week by bestowing the greatest miracle upon us throughout the week.  

On Tuesday, we were doing some street contacting through the shops and this man said hi to us.  We were headed in opposite directions, so Elder Gualco handed him a pass-a-long card (from the back of his pocket) before we crossed the street and we went on our way.  

The miracle in this is that he handed the guy a Book of Mormon pass-a-long card, which were in the front of his pocket.  We still do not know how it all happened.  The Lord works in mysterious ways, folks.  

So this card had our number on it, and also a number to get a copy of the Book delivered to you.  Somehow, he called that number instead of ours, so Wednesday morning we get a referral for a man named Bruce who lives in Wingham.  At this point, we still did not know this was the guy Elder Gualco handed the card to.  

There's only one way in and out of Wingham from Taree, which is a pretty sketchy road at times.  We contemplated different ways of getting there, prayed, and eventually concluded that we were going to ride our bikes to the referral.  

So Thursday morning, we prepared to make the trek.  We get there, knock, and nobody home.  Come on!  We decided to wait a bit and then try back again.  About 20 minutes later, we knock again and he's home.  Hallelujah!  Once we got inside, we got to know Bruce, and found out/realized that he was the man Elder Gualco gave a pass-a-long card to just two days earlier.  It was so crazy.  Bruce has been prepared by the Lord his whole life to receive the Gospel and we are waaayyy excited to begin teaching him.  

All in all, we biked 40 k's that day, which converted, is 25 miles.  I never would've thought I'd bike that far in a day out here, but it was obviously the Lord's will.  Since we lost the car, I've kept Ether 12:6 fresh in my mind, constantly reflecting on it.  What can I do to show the Lord that I am trying?  When will he give us a break?  Can we just touch a single person's life today?!  And then it happened.  All in a single week.  And that's how I know God answers prayers.  He doesn't leave His servants out to dry!  God heard our prayers since day one.  He knew what we were going through.  But he wanted to test us.  How far will these Elders go?  I'm here to testify that there is always a light at the end.  Keep on enduring.  It seemed to go on forever, but the light hit us this week, and I'm so grateful it did.  We have a great week lined up for us, and I'm so excited to see how everything turns out.  

Love you heaps!
Elder Muh

- D&C 25:12
"For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads."
I was never huge on music.  I remember we sang in the Ward Choir occasionally, just to provide a voice, as Dad would say.  Now, I still don't have a great voice or anything, but I've gained such a greater appreciation for the hymns since I've been out.  We begin every comp study with a hymn, and it's been to cool to sing so many of them.  

President and Sister Checketts, Elder Gualco and Muh

The Big W (Woolworths) had some sweet ties, so we both got some.
Also, we do a lot of street contacts along this river walk.

Brekky, anyone?
Brekky=Breakfast, Hungry Jacks=Burger King

We've walked past the only store in Taree that has DP a million times, 
but decided today we were gonna get some 

Orange Moon!

Walking home from fireside and stopped to feed some geese

#TheBundabergWall  (popular Australian soda)
  Originally started by Elder Blake & Bjornberg in November, 
  Elder Gualco and I finished it yesterday.  We were stoked! 

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