Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Transportation Upgrade

Well this week was alright.  It wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible.  Two great things happened this week.  

First, we got bikes for elders.  Sooo much easier to ride.  You pedal once and go twice as far as you would on the sister missionary bikes.  Plus no more knees hitting the handlebars.  Haha.  

Second, we got to work with the branch members a lot.  They have really been opening up to us, especially some of the less-actives in the area.  We visited one family and the wife shared her conversion story as we really got to know her.  They invited us over for dinner this week, and to go fishing with them later in the transfer.  Sweeet! We also got to visit with a brother who is close to losing his hearing.  He will attend sacrament meeting, but then leave because he can't hear much of the lesson.  We got to know him as well and throughout our time with him, he bore such a powerful testimony.  The spirit was so strong! 

Every third Sunday, the branch has something called Sandwich Sunday.  It's basically their name for a Linger Longer, which is pretty awesome.  

We have a good week lined up and hope to see many great things and miracles take place! 

Love you heaps,
Elder Muh 

Words of the Week

- Aluminum here is pronounced "aluminium" 
- Adversary is pronounced "adverse-sir-ree"
- Bull bar, the giant bar attached to a front fender to protect the vehicle from animals
- Roo Lite, large lights that help you see kangaroos crossing in the bush 

Getting to church on Sundays is heaps fun now with our new bikes!

The sunsets this week have been sweet!

Dinner at Sister Vicker's home:  Vgetable Curry Pot Pie

 Finally got the Manning River to Reflect!

So the RLDS church kind of originated in this area of Australia.  Some street names and places are 
named after the Smiths: Smith St., Smiths Lake, etc.  There's actually a chapel right down the road
 from us that has changed their name to the Church of Christ, but still has this seal on the front.

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