Monday, June 20, 2016

Branch Conference

Another good week!  After dinner on Wednesday, we read the first 2 chapters of First Nephi and were able to answer some of Kate's questions, especially a few verses that she didn't quite understand.  It's so cool to see the desire she has to know if it's true and how each week, she gets a bit closer to admitting the good feeling she gets if the Holy Ghost and the supreme power is Heavenly Father.  

This week, we had the Zone Leaders, Elder Kehler and Elder Yang come up to Taree again for trade-off.  It's cool to double work the area because it really gets things going.  Elder Kehler and I got to visit Doug and review the Plan of Salvation with him, while Elder Kumar and Elder Yang met a few people that we'll follow up with this week.  

On Saturday, we had our Branch barbecue, that featured a snake show by Brother Turner.  His job is to go to various schools and perform shows, so it was way cool!  Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures or videos to prove we were there, but the biggest snake he had was a diamond python.  No way was I getting near that thing hahaha! 

Sunday was Branch Conference, so we had the Stake Presidency and their families here.  It was funny because there were more members from Newcastle and Maitland than there were from Taree, but they all gave inspiring talks and we had some good discussions in Priesthood.  
Excited for the week and Zone Conference as well! 

Love you heaps,
Elder Muh 

- D&C 46:26 
"And all these gifts come from God, for the benefit of the children of God."
Heavenly Father stands ready to bestow us with spiritual gifts, gifts that can be used especially to help strengthen His children.  

Sweet view under the Bridge 

 Me and my boy Lil' Roo

 Sometimes we like to create sculptures in the kitchen #It'sCleanNow 

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