Monday, February 15, 2016

So I'm 19 Now

This week has been pretty good.  We read the Book of Mormon with Piero and the less active/part member family we've been working with is really progressing.  We had a trade off with the Zone Leaders, so Elder Flake and I both got to do heaps of finding in heavily populated areas.

Our Zone Leaders, Elder Vaughn and Elder Poole are both super solid missionaries, so we were able to learn a lot and take back some new finding skills to Harbord.  

We also started teaching one of Sister Komene's friends this week, which was pretty awesome.  She's had LDS friends in the past and really wants to know what we believe in.  We got to teach her the Restoration and the Komene family shared their testimonies of the Church.  

Saturday was pretty cool. We met as a District to work on a missionary fireside that we're planning for our two wards, which we're really excited about.  The Sisters made banana bread and we went and ate at McDonald's for dinner afterwards.  It's been interesting to think that if the rule hadn't changed, I probably would've been at BYU-Hawai'i right now.  

Elder Flake and I are looking forward to a smash we as we continue to work on our finding skills and we gather the Lord's lost sheep and bring them back to the fold.  

The Church is true.
The Book is blue. 
I'll see you in two.

Ofa Lahi Atu,
Elder Muh

- Totally forgot to choose a new scripture this morning (we didn't have personal study yet - we went on a lookout trail this morning as a District) so I'll have two scriptures next week

Words of the Week
- Muesli, Granola
- Bin, Trash Can

Shoutout to the Miyamoto's for the local snacks! We enjoyed a nice birthday breakfast!

Found my bike

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